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Casio JD-4000BK Service Manual page 9

Dec. 1994


Table of Contents
To Switch the Key Input Tone On or Off
1. Press MENU to display MENU 2.
2. Use
, and
3. While the currect alarm time setting is shown, press
4. Use
to select the "ON" (key input tone on) or the "OFF" (key input tone off).
5. Press EXE to return to the current alarm time setting screen.
6. Press MENU to return to MENU 2.
Auto Power Off Function
This function automatically switches off the power if you do not touch any key of the unit for about six
Pressing AC/ON can restore the power.
Features and Functions
Telephone Directory Mode
Store the names and phone numbers of your friends, along with their portraits.
Schedule Mode
Keep track of your promises and appointments.
Data Memo Mode
Store short memos and reminders.
Secret Memory Area
Keep your data private.
Timekeeping Mode
A built-in clock shows the current time.
Alarm Mode
An alarm sounds each day at the time you preset.
Fortune Telling Mode
Find out the fortunes of all your friends.
Match Maker Mode
Check how well two people are matched.
Triple Play Mode
7 7
An exciting game you can play alone or with a friend.
Calculator Mode
A 10-digit calculator.
to highlight
, and then press EXE to enter the Alarm Mode.
— 8 —
(C) to display the "Key Tone".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents