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Casio JD-4000BK Service Manual page 11

Dec. 1994


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When the unit does not work properly ...
The unit may stop working properly after it is subjected to strong electrostatic charge or strong
impact. If this happens, first check to make sure that the main battery and back-up battery are cor-
rectly installed, and then perform the following operation.
1. Loosen the screw that holds the battery compartment cover in place, and remove the cover.
2. Use a thin, pointed object (like a paper clip) to press the RESET button inside the battery com-
partment cover. When you do, the "Reset?" screen should appear.
3. Make sure that the pointer is located at "No," and then press EXE. The "Check time!" message
should appear on the display.
4. Press EXE again, and then use the Timekeeping Mode to set the current time.
5. Replace the battery compartment cover.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents