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Casablanca CD52
7 642 290 310
Operating instructions

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    Radio / CD Casablanca CD52 7 642 290 310 Operating instructions

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    button - unlatches the flip/ release panel Volume control Button - switches the radio and mute function on/off RDS button - switches RDS con- venience function on/off (radio data system). Selects variable radio texts. BND button (band), source se- lection for radio mode, selection of FM memory levels and the wavebands MW and LW TS, starts the Travelstore func-...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Notes and accessories ... 33 Flip/release panel ... 34 Switching on/off ... 35 Volume adjustment ... 36 Radio mode ... 37 Setting the tuner ... 37 Switching to radio mode ... 37 RDS function (AF, REG) ... 38 Selecting the waveband/memory ...

  • Page 6: Notes And Accessories

    RC 10H (available as an optional ex- tra). The radio cannot be switched on/off via remote control. Amplifiers All Blaupunkt amplifiers are suitable for use with the radio. CD changer The following Blaupunkt CD changers can be connected to the radio:...

  • Page 7: Flip/release Panel

    You can find out for which vehicles such an interface is available from your Blau- punkt dealer or from the Blaupunkt tel- ephone hotline. FLIP/RELEASE PANEL Flip/release panel Theft protection Your car radio is fitted with a flip/release panel to guard against theft.

  • Page 8: Switching On/off

    FLIP/RELEASE PANEL button 1. Press the This unlatches the flip/release panel. First pull the flip/release panel straight and then to the left out of the unit. After removing the flip/release pan- el, the unit switches itself off. All the current settings are saved. If there is a CD in the unit, it re- mains there.

  • Page 9: Volume Adjustment

    For this, you need adapter cable Blaupunkt no. 7 607 001 503. To find out which navigation systems are compatible with your car radio, please consult your Blaupunkt dealer.

  • Page 10: Radio Mode, Setting The Tuner, Switching To Radio Mode

    VOLUME ADJUSTMENT buttons : to set the Use the desired volume. When you have completed the set- tings, press either the MENU but- ton 8 or OK ;. Note: You can adjust the volume for telephone conversations and voice output while they are being heard by using the vol- ume control 2.

  • Page 11: Rds Function (af, Reg), Selecting The Waveband/memory, Tuning Into A Station

    RADIO MODE RDS function (AF, REG) The RDS functions AF (Alternative Fre- quency) and REG (Regional) extend your radio's range of functions. AF: If this RDS function is activat- ed, the unit automatically tunes into the best receivable frequency for the station that is currently set.

  • Page 12: Search Mode, Storing Stations, Listening To Preset Stations

    Browsing through broadcasting networks (only FM) If a radio station provides several pro- grammes, you have the option of brows- ing through its so-called “broadcasting network”. button : to Press the move to the next station on the broadcasting network. Note: If you want to use this feature, the RDS function must first be activated.

  • Page 13: Setting The Scanning Time, Programm-typ (pty)

    RADIO MODE Scanning receivable stations (SCAN) You can briefly listen in to all receivable stations. The scanning time can be set in the menu at between 5 and 30 sec- onds. Starting SCAN Hold down the OK button ; for more than two seconds.

  • Page 14: Optimising Radio Reception

    Switching PTY on/off Press the MENU button 8. button : repeat- Press the edly until “PTY ON” or “PTY OFF” appears on the display. button : to Press the switch PTY on (ON) or off (OFF). When PTY is activated, PTY lights up on the display.

  • Page 15: Selecting Radio Text Display, Setting The Display

    RADIO MODE Interference-related waveband change (SHARX) With the SHARX function you can elim- inate interference from neighbouring stations almost completely (FM). Acti- vate the SHARX function in an area of high transmitter density. Switching SHARX on/off Press the MENU button 8. button : repeatedly Press the until “SHARX”...

  • Page 16: Traffic Information

    Traffic information Your car radio is equipped with an RDS- EON reception system. EON stands for Enhanced Other Network. When a traffic announcement (TA) is broadcast, your unit will automatically switch, within a broadcasting network, from a station which does not transmit traffic information to one that does.

  • Page 17: Starting Cd Mode, Selecting A Track, Quick Track Selection, Fast Search (audible), Random Play (mix)

    CD MODE CD Mode You can use this unit to play audio CDs, CD-Rs and CDRWs with a diameter of 12 cm. Risk of damage to CD drive! Single CDs with a diameter of 8 cm and CDs which are not circular (“shape CDs”) should not be used.

  • Page 18: Scanning Tracks (scan), Repeating A Track (repeat), Interrupting Play (pause), Changing The Display

    Scanning tracks (SCAN) You can briefly listen in to all the tracks on a CD. Hold down the OK button ; for more than two seconds. The next track starts to play. Note: The scanning time is adjustable. Read about setting the scanning time in the section “Setting the scanning time”...

  • Page 19: Displaying Cd Text, Removing A Cd

    CD MODE Entering/altering CD names Listen to the desired CD. Press the MENU button 8. buttons : to select Use the “CD NAME”. button : twice. Press the You are now in the edit mode. If the CD you have selected is still unnamed, eight underlines appear on the display.

  • Page 20: Cd Changer Mode, Starting Cd Changer Mode, Selecting A Cd, Selecting A Track

    CD changer mode Note: Information on handling CDs, inserting CDs and operating the CD changer can be found in the operating instructions accompanying your CD changer. Starting CD changer mode Press the SRC button @ repeat- edly until “CHANGER” appears on the display.

  • Page 21: Interrupting Play (pause), Naming Cds

    CD CHANGER MODE To play the tracks of all the inserted CDs in random order, press the button 5 MIX > once again. “MIX ALL” appears briefly on the dis- play and MIX lights up. Stopping MIX Press the button 5 MIX > until “MIX OFF”...

  • Page 22: Clock - Time

    CD CHANGER MODE buttons : to select Use the “CDC NAME”. button :. Press the Hold down the MENU button 8. A beep sounds at the end of four sec- onds and “DELETE NAME” ap- pears on the display. Release the MENU button 8. The CD name is now deleted.

  • Page 23: Tone And Volume Balance

    CLOCK - TIME The time appears on the display. The minutes flash and can now be set. Set the minutes using the tons :. Once the minutes have been set, button :. The hours press the now flash. Set the hours using the tons :.

  • Page 24: Tone And Volume Balance

    Setting the X-BASS X-BASS means that the bass is raised to a comfortable level at lower volume levels. You can adjust the X-BASS func- tion individually for all audio sources. When X-BASS is activated, the X-BASS symbol lights up on the display. Press the AUDIO button =.

  • Page 25: Equalizer, Notes On Adjusting The Equalizer, Switching The Equalizer On/off, Setting The Equalizer

    EQUALIZER Equalizer This car radio is fitted with three para- metric digital equalizers, which can be set individually. This means you have the means to save and request differ- ent equalizer settings for different situ- ations (eg only driver, driver and front passenger or vehicle occupants in front and back).

  • Page 26: Selecting Sound Presets, Setting The Level Indicator

    button :. Press the To select the frequency, press the button :. Set the level using the ton :. To select the next filter, first press the OK button ;, then the button :. When all the settings have been selected, press the DEQ button <.

  • Page 27: Setting Aid For The Equalizer

    EQUALIZER Setting aid for the equalizer Commence settings at mid and treble section and complete them in the bass section. Sound impression/problem Bass reproduction too weak Impure bass Booming Disagreeable pressure Sound very dominant, aggressive, no stereo effect Muffled reproduction Low transparency No instrumental brilliance What to do...

  • Page 28: External Audio Sources, Tmc For Dynamic Navigation Systems

    Your car radio has one TMC output for connection to Blaupunkt navigation systems. Your Blaupunkt dealer will tell you which nav- igation systems can be used with your car radio. When a navigation system is connect- ed and a TMC station received, “TMC”...

  • Page 29: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Technical data Amplifier Output power: 4 x 26 watts sine in accordance with DIN 45 324 at 14.4V, 4 x 50 watts max. power Tuner Frequency ranges: FM : 87.5 - 108 MHz MW : 531 - 1 602 kHz LW : 153 - 279 kHz FM transmission range:...

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    09-435 99236 01-4010 7320 01-89583 8394 01-4598830 02-369 6464 40 2085 023-565 6331 66-817 157 01-2185 11111 916-467952 08-7501810 01-8471650 02-6130 0514 01-324 8756 022-8771260 0212-3460040 708-6817188 +55-19 3745 2773 +604-6413 640 Blaupunkt GmbH CM/PSS 8 622 403 261 WWW:

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