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Quick Start Guide - LG 8815 Quick Start Manual

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Voice Mail
When you have a message waiting, the Message LED
flashes to indicate you have new messages in your
mailbox. The IP Phone delivers the message waiting
indication for your primary line, line button 1.
To access your voice mailbox:
Press the Message button. The display indicates the
number of messages waiting.
Press Dial softkey. The IP Phone activates the
speakerphone and places a call to your voice
mailbox. To listen to your messages, follow the
instructions for your voice mail system.
Your IP Phone saves the last number you dialed and
allows you to redial the number with the touch of a
button. The number is stored in memory but is lost if
power to the IP Phone is interrupted.
To redial a call:
Press the Redial softkey. The IP Phone activates the
speakerphone and places the call.
Lift the handset for privacy or press the headset
button to use the headset.
For additional information on the features and
layout of the LG8815 IP Telephone Set, please
refer to user guide or visit
LG8815 Primary Features
LG 8815 IP Telephone

Quick Start Guide


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