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Philips XL6601C/38 User Manual

Philips xl cordless phone xl6601c 6000-series champagne.
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Register your product and get support at
AUS EN Telephone
Use only rechargeable batteries.
Charge the handset for 24 hours before use.
XL 660
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at AUS EN Telephone Warning Use only rechargeable batteries. Charge the handset for 24 hours before use. XL 660 To insert with...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important Power requirements Using GAP standard compliance Conformity Environmental Recycling & disposal Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields ("EMF") Your phone What’s in the box Overview of your phone Overview of the base station Display icons The menus Getting started Connect the base station Connect your charger...
  • Page 4 Table of contents Phonebook Viewing the phonebook Calling from the phonebook Adding a record Editing a record Deleting a record Deleting all records Call log Viewing the call records Returning a call Saving a call record to your phonebook Deleting a call record Deleting all call records Redial List Viewing the redial records...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Default (pre-programmed) settings Technical Data Frequently asked questions Index Table of contents...
  • Page 6: Important

    Output: 5 VDC, 210mA • CAUTION: RISK OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS REPLACED BY AN INCORRECT TYPE. Use only with Philips, type no.: Multi-Life 600mAh (2x 1.2V AAA 600mAh Ni-MH) rechargeable battery. Use only the recommended type supplied with this product.
  • Page 7: Using Gap Standard Compliance

    Conformity We, Philips declare that the product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. This product can only be connected to the analogue telephone networks of the countries mentioned on the packaging.
  • Page 8: Environmental

    Disposal instructions for batteries: Batteries should not be disposed of with general household waste. Packaging information: Philips has marked the packaging with standard symbols designed to promote the recycling and appropriate disposal of your eventual waste. A financial contribution has been paid to the associated national recovery &...
  • Page 9 Philips plays an active role in the development of international EMF and safety standards, enabling Philips to anticipate further developments in standardisation for early integration in its products.
  • Page 10: Your Phone

    Your phone Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at What’s in the box Base station Power supply User Manual Note *The line adapter may not be attached to the line cord. You may find the line adapter in the box.
  • Page 11: Overview Of Your Phone

    Overview of your phone Earpiece Memory keys Quick dial your stored phone numbers Left Softkey Select the function displayed on the handset screen directly above it. Enter received calls and redial lists Mute/unmute microphone Right Softkey Select the function displayed on the handset screen directly above it.
  • Page 12: Overview Of The Base Station

    Loudspeaker Battery door Overview of the base station Paging key Find handset(s) Enter registration mode Your phone...
  • Page 13: Display Icons

    Display icons Each icon gives you a visual message of what is happening on your handset. Battery is fully charged Battery is fully discharged Call in progress Voicemail indicator Call log Speaker on Ringer off Signal strength ECO mode* *When the ECO mode is activated, this icon will replace the icon in the display.
  • Page 14: Getting Started

    Install your handset Warning CAUTION: RISK OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS REPLACED BY AN INCORRECT TYPE. Use only with Philips, type no.: Multi-Life 600mAh (2x 1.2V AAA 600mAh Ni-MH) rechargeable battery. Use only the recommended type supplied with this product. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.
  • Page 15: Checking The Battery Level

    Place the handset on the base. Note Handset may get warm during initial charging. This is normal. The handset may take a few seconds to power up. Checking the battery level The battery icon displays the current battery level. Country Germany Austria Turkey...
  • Page 16: Setting The Clock

    Country Sweden Norway Finland Denmark Russia Ukraine Romania Poland Czech Hungary Slovakia Slovenia Croatia Bulgaria Serbia Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Australia New Zealand * By default, the outgoing message language 1 is displayed. 3.5.1 Setting your country It is necessary to set the correct country for the phone for it to work properly according to your country's standards.
  • Page 17: What Is Standby Mode

    Press • The handset displays the time editing screen. Use digit keys to enter the time. Press the right softkey select Press • The setting is saved. What is standby mode? Your phone is in standby mode when it is idle.
  • Page 18: Menu Structure

    3.10 Menu structure The table below describes the menu tree of your phone. From standby mode, you can: • Press the right softkey • Press the left softkey • Press to enter the phonebook. < Use the to enter each option. To exit the menu or operation, press the right softkey MENU DATE &...
  • Page 19: Call

    Call Note This telephone is not Emergency Call. designed for making emergency telephone calls when the power fails. Alternative arrangements should be made for access to emergency services. Making a call This section describes the different ways to make a call. Note Check the signal strength Signal Strength.
  • Page 20: Answering A Call

    Answering a call When you receive a call, your phone rings and the LED blinks. Press the call. Warning When the handset rings during an incoming call, do not put the handset too close to your ear as the ringer volume may damage your hearing.
  • Page 21 4.6.1 Viewing quick dial number Press • The stored number is displayed. Note Press to dial out the viewing number. 4.6.2 Calling from quick dial Press Press the call. Call to dial out...
  • Page 22: Intercom And Conference Calls

    Intercom and Conference Calls An intercom call is a call to another handset that shares the same base station. A conference call involves a conversation between another handset and outside caller(s). Calling another handset Note If the base station only has 2 handsets (yours and another handset) registered to it, you can press to call the other...
  • Page 23 Press to enter conference CONF mode. • You are now on a 3-way conference call with the external call and the desired handset. Press to end the conference call and return to intercom mode. You can join an ongoing Auto Conference. external call with another handset by pressing .
  • Page 24: Text And Numbers

    Text and Numbers You can enter text and numbers for handset name, phonebook records, and other menu items. Entering text and numbers Find the key with the character you want. Press it as many times as needed for the character you want. to delete and Editing.
  • Page 25: Phonebook

    Phonebook Your phone has a phonebook that can store up to 100 records. You can access the phonebook from your handset. Each record can have a name up to 14 characters long and a number up to 24 digits long. Viewing the phonebook Note Only one handset can view the...
  • Page 26: Editing A Record

    Editing a record Press Select the contact you want to edit. Press . Select OPTION Press Edit the name if necessary. Press Edit the number if necessary. Press to confirm. SAVE • The record is saved. Deleting a record Press Select the contact you want to delete.
  • Page 27: Call Log

    Call log The call log stores the call history of all incoming (missed or received) calls. The incoming call history includes the caller name, number, call time and date. This feature is available if you have registered to the Caller ID service (CLI) with your service provider.
  • Page 28: Redial List

    Redial List The redial list stores call history of dialed calls. The dialed call history includes the name and number called. Your phone can store up to 10 redial records. Viewing the redial records Press CALLS Select REDIAL LIST to enter the redial list. Select the record you want to view.
  • Page 29: 10 Custom Options

    10 Custom Options Make this your phone - change the look and sound of the handset to suit your needs and preference. 10.1 Personalizing your phone’s display 10.1.1 Setting the display language This feature only applies to model(s) with multiple-language support. Note Available languages for selection vary with different countries.
  • Page 30: 11 Advanced Settings

    11 Advanced Settings Discover and explore the additional settings your phone offers! Find out how these features can benefit you and help you make the most of your phone. 11.1 ECO mode The ECO mode reduces the transmission power of the handset and base station. Press MENU Select...
  • Page 31: Recall Selection

    11.3 Recall selection Recall is a signal that needs to be sent to the network when making or answering a second call. Your phone shall already be set up for use in your country. For details, consult your service provider. 11.3.1 Setting the recall duration There are 3 recall time options: Short, Medium, and Long.
  • Page 32: Carrier Code

    11.6 Carrier code This feature only applies to model(s) with carrier code support. For some telephone service providers, you may need to add the carrier code when making a call outside of your local area. This feature automatically helps you decide if the carrier code is needed when you are returning a call from the incoming call log.
  • Page 33: Settings

    12 Default (pre-programmed) settings Language Country dependent Handset Name PHILIPS Date 01/01/09 Date Format MM/DD Time 00:00 Time Format 12-hour Phonebook List Unchanged Auto Hang Up Recall Time Country dependent Area Code [Empty] Carrier Code [Empty] Handset Speaker Level 3...
  • Page 34: Technical Data

    13 Technical Data Display • White LCD backlight General telephone features • Dual mode caller name & number identification • 10 polyphonic ring melodies and 5 standard ring melodies • Conference call and voicemails • Intercom Phonebook list, Redial list and Call log •...
  • Page 35: Frequently Asked Questions

    14 Frequently asked questions In this chapter, you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about your phone. Connection Signal icon flashing • The handset may be out of range. Move closer. • If the handset displays...
  • Page 36 • The phone may be at a location with thick walls. Move the base. Handset does not ring • Check that the handset ringer is turned on. See page 27. Caller ID does not display • Service may not be activated. Check with your service provider.
  • Page 37: Index

    15 Index Accessories 8 Advanced Settings 28 Answering a call 18 Area code 29 Auto conference 27 Auto prefix 29 Call 17 Call barring 29 Call log 25 Calling from the call log 17 Calling from the phonebook 17 Carrier code 30 Clock and alarm 23 Conference Calls 20 Conformity 5...
  • Page 38 Setting the clock 14 Transferring a call 20 Wall mounting 12 Index...
  • Page 39 UFZZ01236JZ(0)
  • Page 40 © 2008 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright owner Printed in Vietnam Document number: 01236JZ(0)

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