Configuration With Active Field Distributors; Figure 1-1 Example: Configuration With Ring Redundancy With Afd4 Field Distributors - Siemens SIMATIC AFD4 Product Information

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1.4 Configuration with active field distributors

Despite the IP30 covers, the requirements for Zone 2 are not met because the AFS is
always connected directly to the FDC 157 coupler.
See also
Safety instructions for connection (Page 14)
Configuration with active field distributors
Installation with ring redundancy
The graphic below provides an example of the configuration with ring redundancy. The
symbols for AFD4 field distributors are shown without cable glands for the main lines to
maintain clarity.
Figure 1-1
Example: Configuration with ring redundancy with AFD4 field distributors
Active field distributors AFD4, AFD4 (FM), AFD8 and AFS
Product Information, 02/2015, A5E03775304-AC

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