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Parking Mode - HP F650g User Manual

Car camcorder
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3.5 Parking Mode

To monitor the vehicle when it is parked, you can activate Park Recording,
or Motion and Collision Detection, or Timelapse.
Before you activate Parking Mode, please install ACC cable through
professional car service shop.
Follow the steps below to change the settings for Parking Mode:
Press the
Press the
press the
Press the
Recording / Motion and Collision Detection / Timelapse/ Off), and
then press the
Press the
ACC cable is not included in the package. Please ask for more information from your distributor.
3.5.1 Park Recording
- In normal recording, press and hold POWER key for 3 seconds, the
screen will show message "Press OK key to power off or enter
Park Recording after 10 sec." Please wait for 10 seconds and the
camcorder will enter Park Recording automatically. The
camcorder will turn off the screen temporarily, but still in
recording status. Once the collision or vibration is detected, it will
automatically trigger emergency recording.
- To disable this function, press any key to wake up the screen, and
press again any key to resume to normal loop recording.
1. The video file taken in this mode is same as normal loop recording mode. It will be saved in the
"Video" folder. And the emergency file will be saved in the "Emergency" folder.
2. The file size is according to Record Interval setting.
button to enter the OSD menu.
button to select Parking Mode, and then
button for entering function menu.
button to configure Parking Mode (Park
button to complete setting.
button to return recording screen.



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