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Carrier 30HS Series Installation, Start-Up And Service Instructions Manual

Reciprocating liquid chillers
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Installation, start-up and servicing of this equip-
ment can be hazardous due to system pressures,
electrical components and equipment location
(roofs, elevated structures, etc.).
Only trained, qualifal installers and service;,-
mechanics should install, start-up and service ,thif
When working on the equipment, observe pre-
cautions in the literature, tags, stickers and labels
attached to the equipment and :to any other safety
precautions 'that apply.
• Follow all safety codes.
• Wear safety glasses and work gloves.
Carrier Parkway !
yracuse, N.Y. 13221
uid Chillers
For Model D Univ
-. All 208/230 Volt Units Have EXte
All Units Have Suction-Cutoff Unloading SysteM
oltage Compressor Motors
Floor must be strong engh,to support oper-
ating weight (see Table 1). If necessary, add sup-
mrting structure (steel beams or reinforced concrete
to floor to transfer weight to nearest beams.
Figure 1 shows location of 6 mounting holes.
Each point supports approximately 1/ 6 of the
operating weight.
Do not remove unit from skid until it is in final
location. Rig from the 2-in. diam holes in the cooler
end flanges. Lower carefully onto floor or rollers.
Push or pull only on the skid,
not the unit.
If the
unit is moved on rollers, use a minimum of 3,
evenly spaced.
Areas where corners will be located must be level
*before unit is placed. Level unit with spirit level on
frame channels. Bolt to floor (recommended for
basement or ground floor installations that transmit
vibration to ground without affecting building
All compressors have mufflers and are attached
rigidly on top of rails mounted on spring vibration _
isolators. Remove rail mounting bolts so rails float_
freely on springs.
If bolts are not removed, they
may retighten from vibration during operation.
Interconnecting piping must be flexible enough
to prevent vibration transmission. If vibration still
occurs, use isolators on unit. If installation is on
floor where vibration cannot be transmitted
to the ground, use field-purchased isolator springs
under each unit mounting hole.
• Use care in handling, rigging and setting bulky
Do not store -u s in an area exposed to weather
because of sensitive control mechanisms and elec-
trical ileviCes. Loate unit 'inders.
See Fig. 1 for door' clearance. Allow following
clearances for service access.
3 to 4 ft
2 ft
tube removal at one (either) end,
see Fig. 1; 2 ft at opposite end.
Carrier Corporation 1981
Run water supply lines as short as possible. Size
lines according to head pressure available (not
necessarily connection size), especially on cooling
tower applications. See Carrier System Design
Manual, Part 3, Piping Design:
For installations requiring a water regulating
valve, a separate valve is required (not supplied by
Carrier) for each.circuit. Water bypass valves must
be installed on cooling tower applications where
low outdoor ambients affect head pressure.
The 30HS units using air-cooled or evaporative
condensers should have adequate means for head
pressure control' when operating below 60 F out-
door ambient.
Accessory water manifold packages are available
to manifold 2 condensers on 30HR070-140 units.
Connections are shown in Fig. 1. Each package
Form 30HR.HS-22S1



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