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Philips AJ3915/05 User Manual Page 8

Philips clock radio aj3915 cd.
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CD Player
Selecting a different track
Press ∞/ § once or repeatedly until the
desired track number appears on the display.
In the stop position, press ); to start
➜ The selected track number appears briefly
on the display when you press ∞, § to
skip tracks, then it switches back to clock
Finding a passage within a track
1 During playback, press and hold down
∞ or §.
➜ The CD is played at high speed and low
2 Release ∞ or § when you recognize the
passage you want.
➜ Normal CD playback resumes.
Programming tracks
You may store up to 20 tracks in the desired
sequence for playback. If you like, store any
track more than once.
1 In the stop position, press PROG to enter
programming mode.
➜ PROG and1 1 0 0 1 1 are displayed, and 0 0 1 1 is
flashing, indicating the start of
programming (See 4).
2 Press ∞ or § to select desired track.
3 Press PROG to store the track.
➜ 2 2 0 0 0 0 is displayed, and 0 0 0 0 is flashing,
indicating the second program sequence is
4 Repeat steps 2 to 3 to select and store all
desired tracks.
➜ If you attempt to store more than 20
tracks, no tracks can be stored.
5 Press ); to play the program.
➜ PROG is displayed.
To erase a program, select any of the
– In stop position press PROG to enter
program mode and press 9;
– Open the CD door.
– Press POWER to standby.
– Select RADIO or BUZZER position.
Auxiliary connection
Selecting different play modes:
You can select and change the various play
modes before or during playback, and
combine REPEAT modes with program.
– plays all tracks in random order.
– plays the current track
– plays the entire disc/
disc/program continuously in random order.
1 To select play modes, press SHUF/REP
once or more.
➜ The selected play mode will be displayed.
2 Press ); to start playback if in the stop
➜ When SHUFFLE mode is selected, the
disc will play automatically around few
seconds later .
3 To return to normal playback, press
SHUF/REP repeatedly until the various
modes are no longer displayed.
– You can also press 9 once to cancel your
play modes.
– During playback, when shuffle mode is
selected, shuffle play will begin only when
playback of current track comes to an end.
– Selection of shuffle mode is not available in
the program mode.
Connecting an external device
You can listen to the sound of the connected
external device through your AJ3915's
1 Press POWER to switch on from standby.
2 Use the supplied line-in cable to connect
AJ3915's AUX jack to an AUDIO OUT or
headphone jack on an external equipment
(such as CD player, or VCR).
➜ " AU" is displayed.
➜ AUX mode will auto switch on to play the
sound, overriding the active CD or RADIO
program continuously.
– plays the entire


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