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Installation And Operating Conditions Of The Appliance - Whirlpool ADN 202/2 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
1 ― ON / OFF SWITCH FOR INTERIOR LIGHT. On / off switch for interior light I -(ON)
O –(OFF)
electricity supply, the green indicator light is illuminated.
Preparing the appliance for operation
It is recommended to prepare the appliance for operation with a helper.
Remove package. Lift the appliance away from foamed polystyrene base.
Therefore take out adhesive tapes from sides and simply lift the appliance up and
take out the board. Strip adhesive tapes off and open the door. Remove the spacer
above the door.
When positioning the appliance in chosen location, it will move more easily into
position if you lift the front a little and incline it backward allowing it to roll on its
casters. When placing, moving, lifting the appliance, do not hold the door
handles, do not pull the condenser at the rear part of the refrigerator and
do not touch the compressor unit.
Take two supports from the bag and insert them into the guides at the top back part
of the appliance (see fig. 2, page 1).
If the appliance is brought in from the cold (temperature is not higher than +12
°C), you should wait for two hours before connecting it to the mains.
The appliance should not be connected to the mains until all packing and
transport materials aren't removed. Suitably dispose the packaging material.
Place the appliance in a dry, well ventilated room.
WARNING! The appliance should not be operated in an unheated room or
porch. Place the appliance away from heat sources such as kitchen
stove/oven, radiators, or direct sunlight.
WARNING! The appliance must not touch any pipes for heating, gas or
water supply or any other electrical devices.
Do not cover the ventilation holes at the top of the appliances – it must be a good air
circulation around the appliance. There should be a gap of at least 10 cm between
the top of the appliance body and any furniture that may be above it. If this
requirement is not followed, the appliance consumes more electrical energy and its
compressor may overheat.
If the appliance is placed in a corner, a gap of at least 1 cm must be left between the
appliance body and the wall (see fig. 3, page 1).
The appliance must stand on a level surface and must not touch the wall.
necessary, regulate the height of the appliance by adjusting the levelling feet: by
turning them clockwise – the front of the appliance rises, by turning them counter
clockwise – it comes down. If the appliance is tilted slightly backward – the doors will
close by themselves.
When the appliance is connected to the


Table of Contents

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