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Daily Use - AEG RCB73726KX User Manual

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5.1 Freezing fresh food
The freezer compartment is suitable for
freezing fresh food and storing frozen
and deep-frozen food for a long time.
To freeze fresh food activate the
FROSTMATIC function at least 24 hours
before placing the food to be frozen in
the freezer compartment.
Place the fresh food to be frozen in the
bottom compartment.
The maximum amount of food that can
be frozen in 24 hours is specified on the
rating plate, a label located on the
inside of the appliance.
The freezing process lasts 24 hours:
during this period do not add other food
to be frozen.
When the freezing process is completed,
return to the required temperature (see
"FROSTMATIC Function").
In this condition, the
refrigerator compartment
temperature might drop
below 0°C. If this occurs
reset the temperature
regulator to a warmer
5.2 Storage of frozen food
When first starting-up or after a period
out of use, before putting the products
in the compartment let the appliance run
at least 2 hours with the FROSTMATIC
function turned on.
If large quantities of food are to be
stored, remove all drawers from
appliance and place food on glass shelf
to obtain the best performance.
In the event of accidental
defrosting, for example due
to a power failure, if the
power has been off for
longer that the value shown
in the technical data chart
under "Rising time", the
defrosted food must be
consumed quickly or cooked
immediately and then re-
frozen (after cooling).
5.3 Storing food in a fridge
Cover or wrap the food, particularly if it
has a strong flavour.
Position the food so that air can circulate
freely around it.
Keep the food on all shelves no closer
than 20 mm from the rear wall and 15
mm from the door.
5.4 Using a foldable shelf
This appliance is equipped with a shelf
consisting of two parts. The front half of
the shelf can be placed under the
second half to make better use of space.
To fold the shelf:
1. Take out the front half gently.
2. Slide it onto the lower rail and under
the second half.



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