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VSN900 gateway
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  • Page 1 — ABB SOLAR INVERTERS VSN900 gateway Commissioning manual...
  • Page 3 VSN900 gateway Commissioning manual Table of contents 4. Start-up © 2020 ABB Oy. All Rights Reserved. 3AXD50000523016 Rev A EFFECTIVE: 2020-01-28...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents 5 Table of contents 1 Introduction to this manual Contents of this chapter ................Applicability ..................Compatibility ..................Safety instructions ................. Target audience ..................Before you start ..................Related documents ................Terms and abbreviations ................Disclaimers ..................Generic disclaimer ................
  • Page 7: Introduction To This Manual

    It also lists the related documents. Applicability This manual is applicable to VSN900 gateway, version 0.00 or later. Compatibility The VSN900 gateway is compatible with the following solar inverters equipped with an Ethernet interface (optional): • PVS800-57B central inverters •...
  • Page 8: Before You Start

    Network Time Protocol. A protocol for synchronizing the clock time of a computer connected to a network. ReliaGATE 10-12 Eurotech's IoT edge gateway. This hardware is used for developing the VSN900 gateway. Solar inverter Converts direct current and voltage from a solar array to alternating current and voltage to the grid.
  • Page 9: Disclaimers

    ABB and its affiliates are not liable for damages and/or losses related to such security breaches, any unauthorized...
  • Page 11: Hardware Description

    Product overview The VSN900 gateway is used for remote data acquisition of central solar inverters. The hardware is developed based on ReliaGATE 10-12 gateway. The gateway enables collecting and analyzing energy generation data from all connected solar inverters and devices connected to the same monitoring network.
  • Page 12: Features

    12 Hardware description ■ Features ® The gateway with Aurora Vision solution can perform the following tasks: • monitor solar inverters (energy report) • read inverter parameter values • read status information and actual values from the inverter.
  • Page 13: Network Overview

    Aurora Vision Plant Management Platform. Internet 24 V / 2 A ETH 0 ETH 1 VSN900 gateway Ethernet connection Ethernet switch with fiber optic ports Fiber optic ring Solar central inverter (equipped with FENA Ethernet adapter module) Solar megawatt station Ethernet switch ®...
  • Page 14: Connectors

    14 Hardware description Connectors This section shows the connectors and LEDs of the gateway that are used to connect the solar inverters for remote data acquisition. For complete information of the connectors and LEDs, see ReliaGATE 10-12-3x IoT Edge Gateway TI AM335x LTE Cat 1 User's manual, (REGATE-10-12-3x_Man_ENG_2-0).
  • Page 15: Led Indicators

    Hardware description 15 ■ LED indicators Green cloud connection is ok cloud connection is not ok after three attempts Green Blinking inverter data collection is in progress inverter data is not collected Amber error in firmware update Blinking firmware update is in progress Amber system error system functionality is ok...
  • Page 17: Installation

    Installation 17 Installation For the connections of the gateway, see Network overview (page 13) Connectors (page 14). For more information on the installation of the gateway, see ReliaGATE 10-12-3x IoT Edge Gateway TI AM335x LTE Cat 1 User's manual, (REGATE-10-12-3x_Man_ENG_2-0).
  • Page 19: Start-Up

    Connect the gateway via Wi-Fi to the PC (or other device) Setting up wireless connection for the that you use for the gateway setup. gateway setup (page 21) Configure the gateway using ABB wizard. Configuring the gateway (page 22) Make sure you have: ®...
  • Page 20: Configuring Ethernet Adapter Modules Of The Solar Inverters

    20 Start-up Step Instruction For more information, see ... Perform Asset registration in the Administration page of Asset registration (page 31) ® Aurora Vision Plant Portfolio Manager web interface. Note: You will need the product number of the gateway. ® Verify end-to-end data transfer using the Aurora Vision Verifying end-to-end data transfer (page 31) Plant Portfolio Manager web portal.
  • Page 21: Connecting To Internet

    1. Connect the gateway to the Internet through a local area network. Use the standard Ethernet cable and connect to the Eth0 port of the gateway. Note: ABB does not provide Internet service or the cables required to connect the gateway to the Internet.
  • Page 22: Configuring The Gateway

    22 Start-up Configuring the gateway After you have formed the connection for the gateway setup, proceed as follows: 1. At the first power on, the wizard prompts to configure the basic settings of the gateway. Step 1: Enter username and password to create Administrator account and User account. Click Next.
  • Page 23 Start-up 23 Step 2: Select date, time and time zone. Click Next.
  • Page 24 24 Start-up Step 3: Check the status of Ethernet links and if required, edit the configuration. Click DONE.
  • Page 25 Start-up 25 2. Now you can login to the gateway wizard. Select your desired language. You can also switch to a desired theme. 3. If the gateway is already connected to inverters, they are displayed in the List of Devices. Click Add devices, if you prefer to add more devices.
  • Page 26 26 Start-up 5. Edit the required ETH configuration and click Save. At any point-of-time to edit the ETH configuration, go to Connectivity → LAN. The screen below shows an example configuration. • ETH0 configuration refers to the Ethernet gateway port of external network, i.e. Internet.
  • Page 27 Start-up 27 • ETH1 configuration refers to the Ethernet gateway port of the inverter network. The preferred IP setting is STATIC. • If IP setting is • STATIC - allows to assign a fixed IP address. When data for assigning the IP static address appears, complete all additional fields except the secondary DNS server.
  • Page 28: Additional Configurations

    28 Start-up ■ Additional configurations Setting date and time zone If gateway is connected to the Internet, the date and time fields are filled automatically through the NTP server. Otherwise, you may have to fill the fields manually using below steps: 1.
  • Page 29: Updating Firmware

    Start-up 29 Updating firmware To update the gateway firmware, 1. Go to Services Tools → Firmware Update. 2. In the Current Firmware Release screen, • GATEWAY - lists the current firmware on the gateway. • Remote - updates the gateway firmware remotely. Click Check, to check for available firmware releases.
  • Page 30: Reset To Factory Default

    30 Start-up Reset to factory default To restore the gateway parameters to factory default, 1. Go to Services Tools → Reset Manufacturing. 2. In the Restore default screen, click • Restore default - to restore only the gateway parameters. • Gateway reboot - to reboot only the gateway.
  • Page 31: Asset Registration

    Start-up 31 Asset registration ® Asset registration assigns the MAC address of gateway to a specific plant in Aurora Vision The registration can be performed before or after the on-site installation is complete. When you register the gateway, all the assets (inverters and other devices) connected to the gateway are registered.
  • Page 33: Aurora Vision ® Plant Management Platform

    Plant Portfolio Manager • Web-based application. • used by solar power professionals • used to monitor and manage a portfolio of power plants using ABB solar inverters. Plant Viewer • Web-based serviced application • used by non-solar power professionals (such as homeowners or small business owners) •...
  • Page 34: Role-Based Access Control

    Setting up the Aurora Vision Plant Management Platform For plant portfolio manager account (mainly for installers and plant administrators), contact ABB technical support. For plant viewer and plant viewer for mobile (mainly for site owners), navigate to and click Register with Plant Viewer.
  • Page 35: Further Information

    Product and service inquiries Address any inquiries about the product to your local ABB representative, quoting the type designation and serial number of the unit in question. A listing of ABB sales, support and service contacts can be found by navigating to
  • Page 36 3AXD50000523016A © 2020 ABB Oy. All Rights Reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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