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Cleaning The Refrigerator - LG GC-373TGL Manual

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• Before cleaning
- Unplug the power supply plug first to
ensure safety.
When cleaning
• Compartment Shelves and Door Racks
- Regular cleaning of compartment shelves and
door racks is recommended
• Magnetic Door Seals
- Water stain and fruit juice accumulated on the
door seals may decrease seal effect. So
regular cleaning of the door especially the
bottom is necessary.
Regular wiping is
• Do not wash the refrigerator directly.
- Water may decrease the insulation effect and
cause electricity leaking.
• After Cleaning
Please check the following items:
- Has the power cord been damaged?
- Has the power plug generated heat abnormally?
- Has the power plug been inserted correctly?
Regular cleaning
is recommended
• Exterior of Refrigerator
- Wipe with a cloth slightly moistened with
detergent and then dry.
- It is normal if cloth is dyed slightly.
• Vegetable Drawer
- Vegetable compartment can be easily filled
with water. If more water accumulated on the
surface of vegetables, vegetables may be
frozen. Regular cleaning of vegetable
compartment is recommended.
• Do not use the following strong
solvents for cleaning:
- Abstergent, petroleum, benzene, hydrochloric
acid etc, as these might damage the surface of
the unit.



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