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Inspection And Maintenance - Honeywell Tripod User Instruction Manual

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4.0 Inspection and Maintenance

NOTE: This equipment and all components of a fall arrest system should be inspected
before each use according to the instructions supplied with the product at the time of
Inspect overall product for any of the following: misaligned, bent, cracked, distorted,
worn, malfunctioning or damaged parts; loose fasteners or missing parts/components;
deterioration; corrosion; signs that indicate the product has been subjected to a fall arrest;
or any other indications of damage/problems that may affect the integrity and operation of
the product. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer.
Ensure that the product and all its components function properly and only as intended
by the manufacturer. Ensure that leg locks engage properly. If in doubt, contact the
If inspection reveals a defect in condition or operation,
or if the equipment has been subjected to the forces
the equipment must be removed from service immediately!
Cleaning and Storage
Basic care of all Miller Fall Protection equipment will prolong the life of the unit and will contrib-
ute toward the performance of its vital safety function. Periodically clean the device to remove
any dirt, paint, corrosives, contaminants, or other materials that may have accumulated. Wipe
dry with a clean cloth. When not in use, store in a clean, dry area, free of exposure to furmes or
corrosive elements.
Servicing of Miller Fall Protection equipment must only be carried out by Miller Fall Protection
or persons or entities authorized in writing by Miller Fall Protection. A record log of all servic-
ing and inspection dates for this device must be maintained. Only original Miller replacement
parts are approved for use in this device. Non-repairable devices that do not pass inspection
must be disposed of in a manner to prevent inadvertent further use. Contact Miller Technical
Services at 800.873.5242 if you have any questions.
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