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Lenovo HD100 Directions For Use Manual

Lenovo HD100 Directions For Use Manual

Lenovo wireless bluetooth headset


Lenovo wireless bluetooth headset
Lenovo wireless bluetooth headset
Direction for use


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  • Page 1 Lenovo wireless bluetooth headset Lenovo wireless bluetooth headset HD100 FCC ID: 2ATZ9-HD100 Direction for use Lenovo...
  • Page 2 Production name: Lenovo wireless bluetooth headset HD100 Type: HD100 GB/T 14471-2013 Implementation criteria: GB/T 14471-2013 Manufacturer: Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 201-H2-6 Address 201-H2-6, Floor 2, Building 2, No.2, Shangdi West Road, Haidian District, Beijing 400-100-6000( 010-58851110) Service telephone: 400-100-6000 (for the areas where this telephone is not available, please dial...
  • Page 3 Lenovo official Lenovo official service website service wechat...
  • Page 4 • Cut song/pause/play • • Call answering / hanging up • Packing list HD100- 1. A Lenovo HD100 wireless bluetooth headset 2 3.5mm 2. A 3.5mm interface audio line 3 USB 3. An USB charging line 4. A manual Volume+...
  • Page 5 Manual of Lenovo wireless bluetooth headsets I Guidelines for safety and effective use Note: please read this information before using bluetooth stereo headsets. If the user changes or modifies bluetooth headsets without permission, he will lose the right to continue to enjoy the services contained in the device.
  • Page 6 2.4835ghz into 79 channels to transmit data at the frequency hopping rate of 1600 times per second with about 10 meters of transmission distance (Class?). The bluetooth headset published from Lenovo can communicate with other bluetooth devices within a range of about 10 meters (33 feet) without obstacles.
  • Page 7 3.1.3 Please ensure that the distance between your mobile phone or other bluetooth device and your headset is within 10m; if there are walls and other obstacles between them, the communication distance should be shortened accordingly. 3.2 Charging 3.2.1 3.2.1 Please fully charge batteries before using your headset for the first time, which will take at least 2.5 hours.
  • Page 8 supply, and then remove the charger connector from your headset. After fully charging, your headset can: * Listen to stereo music for consecutive 20 hours (there are differences between different models/types of phones). * Or consecutive 20-hours calls * Standby for 300 hours 3.3 Power on/off 3.3.1...
  • Page 9 a Make your headset in the matching mode. When your headset is off, press the multiple-function button for about 7 seconds, and your headset enter the matching state until the red and blue lights start flashing alternately. " " b Enable the "device searching" function in your mobile phone. Follow the instructions in the user manual of your mobile phone and perform the bluetooth device searching function in your mobile phone.
  • Page 10 Note 2: the volume of your headset can be adjusted through the volume adjustment function on your mobile phone. 3.5.3 3.5.3 Press the up volume button for a long time to play the previous song. 3.5.3 3.5.3 Press the up volume button for a long time to play the next song. 3.6 Make phone calls Make sure your headset is connected to your mobile phone before you make a call.
  • Page 11 3.7.1 When there is an incoming call, the ringtone will ring in your headset, and the blue indicator on your headset will start flashing quickly, and at this time, you can press the multiple-function button on your headset to answer the incoming call. 3.7.2 3.7.2 If your mobile phone is equipped with an automatic answering function, it will automatically answer the incoming call when the bell rings without pressing the multiple-function...
  • Page 12 3.9.2 Press the button to end calls on the phone; 3.9.3 3.9.3 Call waiting timeout, automatic disconnection.
  • Page 13 In order to meet the laws and regulations related to restriction of hazardous substances in electronic and electrical products in China and other requirements, Lenovo Company makes the following statement according to classifications of hazardous substances in products. Hazardous substances...
  • Page 14 Electronic and electrical products sold within the territory of the People's Republic of China must have this symbol, and the number in this symbol indicates the environment-friendly use period of products under normal use.
  • Page 15 Product warranty information _______________________________________________________________________________ Applicable product name: Lenovo bluetooth headset and selected products _______________________________________________________________________________ Scope of warranty: main components _______________________________________________________________________________ Name of parts: Lenovo bluetooth headset _______________________________________________________________________________ Warranty period (month): 12 _______________________________________________________________________________ Type of warranty service: send by post or send in person for maintenance _______________________________________________________________________________ Note: specific warranty services are subject to the official warranty instructions.
  • Page 16 or you can take the logistics payment on arrival (specifically, the customer service description of product services shall prevail) to take the defective products to the designated maintenance center and we will mail your product to you after the completion of maintenance. If there is special disposal during the maintenance process, such as non-damage, expiration of guarantee time and other circumstances which do not comply with service requirements, we will contact you to confirm the post-processing.
  • Page 17 Warranty card Dear user, this warranty card is your certificate of future application for warranty, and you should make cooperation with the dealer to fill in it and properly keep it for a spare! User’s information User’s name Email Contact number Post code Mailing address Product name...
  • Page 18 The words, such as "Lenovo" and "thinkplus", and logos are the trademarks of Lenovo Group. The other mentioned companies, products and service names may be trademarks of their respective holders.
  • Page 19 Lenovo Made in China...
  • Page 20 FCC Warning Statement Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

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