Lenovo H02 User Manual

Lenovo H02 User Manual

Sport bluetooth headset


Lenovo Sport
Bluetooth Headset
User Guide


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  • Page 1 Lenovo Sport Bluetooth Headset User Guide...
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions 1.Using headset at high volume for long time may cause per manent hearing loss. 2.It is recommended to adjust headset volume to a lower level before connection, and gradually increase the volume until it fits. 3.Do not use headset when driving, cycling, operating machines, or doing work that requires attention to external sound.
  • Page 3: Basic Accessories

    Basic Accessories USB charging cable Headset body Earpieces...
  • Page 4: Product Overview

    Product Overview 1.Charging ports 2.Multi-function key 3.Microphone for call 4.Battery 5.LED indication light...
  • Page 5: Status Indication

    Status Indication Instruction LED Status Voice Reminder Turn on Blue light on for 1 second Power on Turn off Red light on for 1 second then off Power off Unconnected Blue light flashes twice slowly every 5 seconds Paring Red and blue light flash alternately Paring Calling Blue light flashes once every 3 seconds...
  • Page 6 Charging The new headset has enough power to support you to complete pairing and dial a small number of calls. When the headset is connected to iOS device, headset's power volume will display at upper right corner of device screen. image sampler W hen the bat ter y is low, there are voice reminder s: "bat ter y low".
  • Page 7: Pairing & Connecting

    3.Open the phone Bluetooth, search nearby Bluetooth devices. 4.When phone finds "Lenovo H02" in device list, click "Lenovo H02", and hear voice reminder "Connected" in headset, then the Bluetooth headset and phone have been paired successfully.
  • Page 8 Turn on Press and hold the multi-function key for 3 seconds, till blue light flashes for 1 second, and hear "power on" voice reminder from headset, then headphones is Turn Off Press and hold the multi-function key for 3 seconds, till red light flashes for 1 second, and hear "power off"...
  • Page 9 End the call While talking, press the multifunction key once to end the call. Voice Please confirm whether mobile phones support voice function, if support, then follow below steps to use voice function: 1.Press and hold the volume keys "+" or "-" for 3 seconds to activate voice function on phone.
  • Page 10: Volume Adjustment

    This feature requires music player software to support Music on /off When playing music, press the multi-function key to pause, and then press the multi-function key to play again. Next song While playing music, press and hold the volume "+" key for 2 seconds to switch to next song.
  • Page 11 -- Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. The device has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement. The dev ice can be used in portable exposure condition without restriction FCC ID: 2ALYI-H02...

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