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Motorola GTF374 Quick Start Manual

Programming cable


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Programming Cable



Summary of Contents for Motorola GTF374

  • Page 1 GTF374 Programming Cable...
  • Page 2 GENERAL The GTF374 Programming Cable is a passive cable used to connect the mobile Professional Radio to the RLN4008 Radio Interface Box (RIB) when the radio is to be tuned or programmed. The Programming Cable has a 10-pin male Telco connector at one end, which connects to the radio microphone connector, and a 25-way female ‘D’...
  • Page 3 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 25-way ‘D’ Type 10-way Telco Ground FLT A + linked to pin 13 Hook Ground Bus + Switched Battery voltage + linked to pin 4 Bus + 1k Ohm resistor Not Connected mounted inside the DB25 body Boot Control CONNECTOR DETAIL Pin 25 Pin 13...
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