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Motorola GTF374 Quick Start Manual page 2

Programming cable


The GTF374 Programming Cable is a passive
cable used to connect the mobile Professional
Radio to the RLN4008 Radio Interface Box (RIB)
when the radio is to be tuned or programmed.
The Programming Cable has a 10-pin male Telco
connector at one end, which connects to the radio
microphone connector, and a 25-way female 'D'
type connector at the other end for connection to
the RIB.
Refer to the relevant test/ programming
procedures for the radio on test and connect the
radio to the RIB as directed.
C a u t i o n
The Programming Cable is not repairable. Order a
replacement cable as necessary.
Do not disconnect the cable in the
middle of a procedure. This may
leave the radio incorrectly configured
and degrade the radio performance