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Motorola PMKN4003 User Manual

Cloning cable


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Summary of Contents for Motorola PMKN4003

  • Page 1 T W O - W A Y R A D I O S Cloning Cable PMKN4003...
  • Page 2: General Information

    APPLICATION Only radios with identical model numbers can be cloned. The PMKN4003 Cloning Cable is used with certain conventional PL and trunking LTR radios. Contact your Motorola representative for radio model/cloning cable match. GENERAL INFORMATION Cloning is the process of copying the content of one radio (source radio) into another radio (target radio).
  • Page 3 Display radios will show (source CLONE radio) and (target radio). PROGRAM 4. Release both side buttons of source radio. The electronic transfer begins and will take less than one minute. When cloning is completed, the source radio produces a “clone-exit” tone and displays .
  • Page 4 CLONING PROCEDURE (CP040/ CP140/CP160/CP180) 1. Turn off source and target radio; then connect cloning cable to side connector of each radio. 2. Turn on target radio. 3. Source radio —Simultaneously press and hold side buttons 1 and 2 (see illustration); then turn on radio.
  • Page 5: Error Codes

    CLONING PROCEDURE (P020/P030) 1. Turn off source and target radios. 2. Connect the cloning cable to the program- ming port (lower port of the accessory con- nector) of each radio. 3. Turn on target radio. 4. Press and hold front button ‘A’ and turn on the source radio.
  • Page 6 Repeat the cloning procedure. • — Data communications check- BCC ERR sum error. • — Data communications com- CMD ERR mand error SERVICE The PMKN4003 Cloning Cable is not repairable. Order a replacement cloning cable as necessary.
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