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Motorola GMKN1022 Quick Start Manual
Motorola GMKN1022 Quick Start Manual

Motorola GMKN1022 Quick Start Manual

Active data cable


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Active Data Cable



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Summary of Contents for Motorola GMKN1022

  • Page 1 GMKN1022 Active Data Cable...
  • Page 2: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION The GMKN1022 Active Data Cable provides a 5-wire RS232 interface (e.g. RxD, TxD, CTS, RTS, DTR) between a computer and a mobile radio. OPERATION The cable has to be connected to the 20-pin Accessory Connector on the rear side of the radio and into the 9-pin connector of a Data Device (e.g.
  • Page 3 CABLE CONNECTIVITY To Radio Accessory Connector 20 pins EXTERNAL PTT To Computer 9 pins (female) SWB + Radio Interface Box (RIB) RS232 Level Shifter Note: If the Active Data Cable shall be used in conjunction with any other accessory using PTT functionality (EXTERNAL_PTT), the black colored cable at the accessory connector of the Active Data Cable must be removed and cut.
  • Page 4 DEMOUNTING OF THE CONTACTS It might be neccessary to change the pin position in the connector housing. The following section describes how to remove the contacts from the connector housing. REMOVE CONTACTS FROM ACCESSORY CONNECTOR To remove the contacts from the connector push the tool into the front side slot as shown in the diagram and pull out the contact.
  • Page 5 GMBN1021 with accessory connector. The front of both connector housings should be flush with each othe All cables should be fixed with a strap (see figure). SERVICE The GMKN1022 Active Data Cable is not repairable. Order a replacement cable as necessary.
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