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Important Safety Instructions - Craftsman CMXELAYMPL1029 Instruction Manual

9000 lumens led work light with tripod
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9000 Lumens LED Work Light With Tripod


When using the tripod, basic precautions
should always be followed, including the following:
a )
Read all the instructions before using the work light.
b )
To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision
is necessary when a work light is used near
c )
To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not put
work light in water or other liquid. Do not place
or store work light where it can fall or be pulled into a
tub or sink.
d )
Only use attachments/accessories recommended
or sold by the manufacturer.
e )
Do not contact hot parts
f )
Turn the work light off when not in use and
before servicing or cleaning.
g )
Do not operate any work light after it
malfunctions or is dropped or damaged in any
h )
DO NOT handle this work light or try to plug it
in when your hands are wet or damp or when
standing on a wet or damp surface or in water.
i )
Use only 3-wire UL Listed outdoor extension cords
that have 3-prong grounded plugs and grounded
receptacles that accept the work light's plug.
j )
Use only Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
protected receptacles when using this work light
in wet or damp locations. Receptacles are available
with built-in GFCI protection and are to be used for this
measure of safety.
k )
Use only with an extension cord for outdoor use,
such as an extension cord of cord type SEW, SEOW,
Specific Safety Rules for Lights

WARNING: Do not place the light in a position which
may cause anyone to intentionally or unintentionally
stare into the light. Serious eye injury could result.

WARNING: Fire hazard. Do not operate light
near flammable liquids or in gaseous or explosive
atmospheres. Internal sparks may ignite fumes causing
personal injury.

WARNING: The glass gets very hot during use. To
reduce the risk of burns, do not touch hot glass. To
reduce the risk of fire, keep away from combustible
materials while in operation.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, do not place
anything on top of the glass during or after operation
of the light.

WARNING: This fixture is not explosion-proof, DO
NOT use in potentially dangerous locations, such as
flammable or explosive atmospheres.

WARNING: Eye Damage. Never look directly into
light sources or LED chips. An LED is extremely bright
and can damage eyes with prolonged exposure.

WARNING: TIPPING HAZARD. To reduce the risk of
serious injury, make sure:
Place tripod on a firm, stable, flat and secure surface
before mounting/unmounting the work light or making
any adjustments to the work light/tripod.
Ensure each work light head is turned off and the
power cord is unplugged before mounting or removing
from the tripod.
Additional Safety Rules for Lights

CAUTION: When not in use, place light on a stable
surface where it will not cause a tripping or falling
hazard. Work lights may be easily knocked over in
certain situations.
This work light MUST ALWAYS BE USED in accordance with
all electrical and safety codes and ordinances, including
the most recent National Electric Code (NEC) and with the
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSJA) Volume 1 on
General Industry Standards and interpretations.
Risk of electric shock. Do not use in or near standing water,
or where water may accumulate. Keep this fixture at least
16 feet from pools or spas. Keep plug dry. Do not immerse
this work light.
NEVER operate the light with the clear protective glass
broken or removed.
During or immediately after use, don't allow glass surface
to make contact with other materials.
Don't touch glass surface when LED chips are lit or
immediately after use.
Handle work light with care around any flammable
Place the work light away from any heat source.
Do not submerge work light in any liquid.
Do not wash light with water or allow water to get inside
While light is in use, do not cover with cloth or other
flammable materials due to increased risk of fire.
ALWAYS make sure that the power source conforms to
the rating on the fixture.
Pull by plug rather than cord when disconnecting work
light. This will reduce risk of damage to electric plug and

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Table of Contents

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