Toshiba 803 Quick Start Manual

Toshiba 803 Quick Start Manual

Toshiba cell phone quick start guide
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The Toshiba 803 quick start guide
In just a few minutes we'll show you how easy it is to use the new features of your Toshiba 803. This
advanced phone can take advantage of the faster 3G network, and we have specially enhanced it to make
the most of the Vodafone live! multimedia service.
You'll see how quickly you can make video calls, take pictures and video clips with its built-in 2 megapixel
digital camera, send pictures, sounds and video clips in multimedia messages (MMS), and connect to
Vodafone live!.
You'll also be able to personalise your phone by downloading new ringtones, games and wallpapers.
Finally, we'll show you how to transfer music files to your phone and use it as a music player!
Getting started
1. Insert your SIM card:
Slide off the back cover, and remove the battery. Slide your Vodafone SIM card (with the gold contacts
facing downwards) into its holder, making sure that the cut-out corner is aligned. Replace the battery and
2. Insert the miniSD™ memory card:
Open the side miniSD™ slot and slide the memory card in as shown. This enlarges your phone's memory.
3. Turn it on:
Make sure the battery is charged (see the User Manual for details). Open the handset, then press and
hold the
key. (You do the same to turn it off again.)
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7/9/05 2:30:00 pm


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Toshiba 803

  • Page 1 The Toshiba 803 quick start guide In just a few minutes we’ll show you how easy it is to use the new features of your Toshiba 803. This advanced phone can take advantage of the faster 3G network, and we have specially enhanced it to make the most of the Vodafone live! multimedia service.
  • Page 2: The Phone

    Volume/Zoom keys Side camera key Tosh 803 UK.indd 2 Keys and navigation Navigation key: press the centre to select an action or highlighted menu item, or select the middle icon at the bottom of the screen. (In standby mode it opens the main Menu.)
  • Page 3 3G phone and be in a 3G area too. Please note that the Toshiba 803 has no internal camera, so the other person will just see the view from the camera on the back.
  • Page 4: Using The Camera

    Postcard (see page 10).Press [Back] to take another picture, or [Options]/Delete to delete it. Options Back Tosh 803 UK.indd 4 , or go to the main menu and select Camera). Use the volume keys or to zoom in or out (except at highest picture sizes), and press ) to take the picture.
  • Page 5 (press 1 to see a full list of commands). Press [Options] for more options. Use the volume or up/down Tosh 803 UK.indd 5 or the side camera key to start recording (you’ll hear a brief sound when it starts), and ).
  • Page 6 Select [Options]/Preview Message to see and hear your message. To change an item highlight it in the to enter it. MMS screen, then press [Options]/Edit... or Delete... Then press Tosh 803 UK.indd 6 key in standby mode (or select Menu/Messaging). to attach it and return to the MMS screen. Note: you can add either key and select the symbol you want.
  • Page 7 In the MMS screen press [Options]/Add Page. Tosh 803 UK.indd 7 to send it. Or press [Options]/Add Recipients to send it to more people. 7/9/05 2:30:08 pm...
  • Page 8: Vodafone Live

    5. What’s new: Vodafone live! is always evolving to bring you new and better services – keep checking to see what’s new. Note: your view of the homepage may be slightly different. Tosh 803 UK.indd 8 7/9/05 2:30:09 pm...
  • Page 9 Downloads Change your Toshiba 803 whenever you want by downloading new real music ringtones, videos, games, applications and background wallpaper from Vodafone live!. You can also stream (view or listen only) video and audio... Sounds&Ringtones Download to your phone Download more sounds More Sounds 1.
  • Page 10: Other Services

    Listen to the music you want – whenever you want and wherever you are. Go to Music on Vodafone live!, then select and buy a track from the catalogue. Download it, save it and play it whenever you choose. Use your stereo headphones for the best playback. Tosh 803 UK.indd 10 7/9/05 2:30:10 pm...
  • Page 11: Other Functions

    Menu/Contacts/Contacts List. If you try and open more than two applications at the same time, you may run out of memory. Tosh 803 UK.indd 11 key. You’ll see a ‘silent’ icon at the top of the screen. Press key again to return to the previous profile.
  • Page 12: Media Player

    Media Player Your Toshiba 803 is also a personal music player! Download music from Vodafone live! (see page 10), or transfer it from your PC, then listen to it through headphones or the stereo speakers. The front control panel makes it even easier! Transfer and play music 1.

Table of Contents