Toshiba MMK-AP0072H Installation Manual

Super modular multi system air conditioner.
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Indoor Unit
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Para uso comercial
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Unidade interior


   Summary of Contents for Toshiba MMK-AP0072H

  • Page 1: Unidad Interior

    (não acessível ao público em geral) Voor commercieel gebruik (niet geschikt voor huishoudelijk gebruik) Unidade interior Binnenunit <High-Wall Type> <Type mural haut> <Wand modell> <Tipo per mura alte> <Tipo parte alta de la pared> <Tipo para Parede Alta> <Hogewandmodel> MMK-AP0072H, MMK-AP0092H, MMK-AP0122H...

  • Page 2

    Demande au constructeur ou au revendeur Veuillez expliquer clairement le contenu du Manuel du propriétaire et le remettre au client. Wir danken Ihnen, dass Sie sich für ein TOSHIBA Klimagerät entschieden haben. Bitte lesen Sie diese Installations-Handbuch, bevor Sie Ihr Klimagerät benutzen, sorgfältig.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents


  • Page 4: Accessory Parts And Parts To Be Procured Locally, Accessory Parts, Parts To Be Procured Locally

    H Parts to be procured locally Connecting pipe (Liquid side) (6.4mm (diam.), Nominal (diam.) 1/4” thick 0.8mm) MMK-AP0072H to MMK-AP0122H Connecting pipe (Gas side) (9.5mm (diam.), Nominal (diam.) 3/8” thick 0.8mm) MMK-AP0072H to MMK-AP0122H Power supply cord Cable 3-core 2.5mm...

  • Page 5: Precautions For Safety

    PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFETY • Ensure that all Local, National and International regulations are satisfied. • Read this “PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFETY” carefully before Installation. • The precautions described below include the important items regarding safety. Observe them without fail. • After the installation work, perform a trial operation to check for any problem. Follow the Owner’s Manual to explain how to use and maintain the unit to the customer.

  • Page 6: Selection Of Installation Place

    PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFETY • Install the air conditioner securely in a location where the base can sustain the weight adequately. • Perform the specified installation work to guard against an earthquake. If the air conditioner is not installed appropriately, accidents may occur due to the falling unit. •...

  • Page 7: Installation Space, Installation Diagram Of Indoor And Outdoor Units, Installation Place

    Installation space Reserve space required to install the indoor unit and for service work. Keep 100mm or more for clearance between top plate of the indoor unit and the ceiling surface. Installation diagram of Indoor and outdoor units Before installing the wireless remote controller •...

  • Page 8: Installation Of Indoor Unit

    SELECTION OF INSTALLATION PLACE Remote controller • A place where there are no obstacles such as a curtain that may block the signal from the indoor unit. • Do not install the remote controller in a place exposed to direct sunlight or close to a heating source, such as a stove.

  • Page 9: Cutting A Hole And Mounting Installation Plate

    CUTTING A HOLE AND MOUNTING INSTALLATION PLATE Cutting a hole In case of installing the refrigerant pipes from the rear: 1. Decide the hole position for piping at 100mm from the arrow mark ( ) on the installation plate and drill a hole with Ø65mm at a slight downward slant toward outdoor side.

  • Page 10: Piping And Drain Hose Installation

    PIPING AND DRAIN HOSE INSTALLATION Piping and drain hose forming * Apply thermal-insulation for both refrigerant pipe and drain hose surely so that no dewing generates inside of the equipment. (Use polyethylene foam for insulating material.) Rear right Rear left Bottom left Left Bottom right...

  • Page 11

    In case of right or left piping • After scribing slits of the front panel with a knife or a marking-off pin, cut them with a pair of nippers or an equivalent tool. In case of bottom right or bottom left piping •...

  • Page 12: Drainage

    INDOOR UNIT FIXING 1. Pass the pipe through the hole in the wall, and hook the indoor unit on the installation plate at the upper hooks. 2. Swing the indoor unit to right and left to confirm that it is firmly hooked up on the installation plate.

  • Page 13: Refrigerant Piping

    However, the conventional tools can be used by adjusting projection margin of the copper pipe. WARNING REQUIREMENT Phosphor deoxidization joint-less pipe for air conditioner MMK-AP0072H to MMK-AP0122H • Flaring diam. meter size : A (Unit : mm) Outer diam. of copper pipe Roughness...

  • Page 14: Gas Leak Check

    REFRIGERANT PIPING • Projection margin in flaring : B (Unit : mm) Rigid (Clutch type) R410A tool used Outer diam. of copper pipe R410A 0 to 0.5 (Same as left) 0 to 0.5 (Same as left) 12.7 0 to 0.5 (Same as left) 15.9 0 to 0.5 (Same as left) Imperial (Wing nut type)

  • Page 15: Electric Work

    ELECTRIC WORK 1. Using the specified wires, ensure to connect the wires, and fix wires securely so that the external strength of the wires do not transmit to the connecting part of the terminals. Incomplete connection or fixation may cause a fire, etc. 2.

  • Page 16: Wiring Connection

    ELECTRIC WORK Indoor unit power supply • For the power supply of the indoor unit, prepare the exclusive power supply separated from that of the outdoor unit. • Arrange the power supply, earth leakage breaker, and main switch of the indoor unit connected to the same outdoor unit so that they are commonly used.

  • Page 17

    • Tighten the screws of the terminal block, and fix the cables with cord clamp attached to the electric parts box. (Do not apply tension to the connecting section of the terminal block.) U2 A B R(L) S(N) > < Wiring connection for flow selector unit How to connect the wiring of flow selector unit For the flow selector unit that have power supply cord, connect a power supply cable to it as mentioned below.

  • Page 18: Remote Controller Wiring, Address Setup

    ELECTRIC WORK Remote controller wiring • Strip off approx. 14mm cover of the wire to be connected. • Twist wire of the remote controller to be connected with wire of the remote controller unit (or sensor), and press-fit them with a wire joint. (Wire joints (White: 2 pieces) are included in the accessory of the main remote controller (sold separately) or wireless remote controller kit (sold separately).) •...

  • Page 19: Applicable Controls

    APPLICABLE CONTROLS When using the equipment at the first time, it will take a lot of time that the remote controller accepts an operation after power was on. However, it is not a trouble. • Automatic address • While automatic addressing, the operation cannot be performed on the remote controller. •...

  • Page 20: Adjustment Of Air Direction

    APPLICABLE CONTROLS Change of lighting time of filter sign According to the installation condition, the lighting time of the filter sign (Notification of filter cleaning) can be changed. Follow to the basic operation procedure • For the item code in Procedure •...

  • Page 21: Test Run

    TEST RUN Before test operation • Before turning on the power supply, carry out the following items. 1) Using 500V-megger, check there is 1M or more between the terminal block of the power supply and the earth. If 1M or less is detected, do not run the unit.

  • Page 22

    TEST RUN In case of wireless remote controller (Forced test operation is performed in a different way.) 1. For the operation procedure, be sure to follow the Owner’s Manual. 2. Finish the forced cooling operation in a short time because it applies excessive strength to the air conditioner. 3.

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Confirmation and check When a trouble occurred in the air conditioner, the check code and the indoor unit No. appear on the display part of the remote controller. The check code is only displayed during the operation. If the display disappears, operate the air conditioner according to the following “Confirmation of error history”...

  • Page 24: Check Code List

    TROUBLESHOOTING Check method On the remote controller (Main remote controller, Central control remote controller) and the interface P.C. board of the outdoor unit (I/F), a check display LCD (Remote controller) or 7-segment display (on the outdoor interface P.C. board) to display the operation is provided. Therefore the operation status can be known. Using this self-diagnosis function, a trouble or position with error of the air conditioner can be found as shown in the table below.

  • Page 25

    Check code Main Outdoor 7-segment display remote controller display Auxiliary code — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 01: Comp. 1 side 02: Comp. 2 side — — — — — — — 01: Comp.

  • Page 26

    — — — — — Differs according to error contents of unit with occurrence of alarm — — Terminology TCC-LINK : TOSHIBA Carrier Communication Link. Wireless remote controller Sensor block display of receiving unit Operation Timer Ready Flash ¤ ¤...

  • Page 27

    New check code 1. Difference between the new check code and the current system The displaying method of the check code changes in this model and after. Used characters Hexadecimal notation, 2 digits Characteristics of code classification Few classification of communication/incorrect setup system Block display Indoor P.C.

  • Page 28

    WARNINGS ON REFRIGERANT LEAKAGE Check of Concentration Limit The room in which the air conditioner is to be installed requires a design that in the event of refrigerant gas leaking out, its concentration will not exceed a set limit. The refrigerant R410A which is used in the air conditioner is safe, without the toxicity or combustibility of ammonia, and is not restricted by laws to be imposed which protect the ozone layer.

  • Page 29

    CONFIRMATION OF INDOOR UNIT SETUP Prior to delivery to the customers, check the address and setup of the indoor unit, which has been installed in this time and fill the check sheet (Table below). Deta of four units can be entered in this check sheet. Copy this sheet according to the No.

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