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Siemens CERBERUS PYROTRONICS ALI-8 Installation Instructions page 2

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3. Fasten the plate to the door using the six
6-32 nuts provided.
4. (Refer to Figure 1.) Remove knockouts in the
backbox where field wiring is required.
5. Place the interface plate over the four studs
marked A in Figure 1, and secure it to the
enclosure with the four 6-32 nuts provided.
6. Hold the empty enclosure against the wall at
a height that provides easy access.
7. Mark drill points on the wall in the center of
the two slots on the upper rear of the box.
8. Drill the two holes and screw in the top
screws using 1/4" or 3/8" mounting hardware
(user supplied). Leave a small gap between
P/N 315-093305-2
the wall and each top screw.
9. Mount the enclosure on the two screws and
then install the bottom screws.
10. Tighten all screws securely against the back
wall of the enclosure.
11. Place the TRI-60Ds on the studs (marked B)
of the interface plate in two rows of four
across making sure that all of the screw
terminals on the TRI-60Ds are facing in the
same direction.
12. Fasten each TRI-60D to the interface plate
using two 6-32 nuts provided.
13. Slip the door back on the hinges of the



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