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Siemens CERBERUS PYROTRONICS ALI-8 Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions
Model ALI-8
ALI-8 is an enclosure assembly that accom-
modates up to eight TRI-60Ds to provide the
interface between the MXL and the
AnaLASER control panels (See also TRI-60D
Installation Instructions, P/N 315-092329).
Fasten the enclosure securely to a clean, dry,
shock-free, and vibration-free surface. Con-
sider the following when mounting the box.
—Mounting height for visual and manual
access to the modules in the enclosure
—Weight and size of the enclosure
—Local mounting codes
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
8 Fernwood Road
Florham Park, New Jersey 07932
P/N 315-093305-2
—The maximum cable length of 200 feet
When mounting, position the backbox clear of
obstruction so that the door can open freely
and so that the modules are easily accessible.
1. Slip the door off the hinges of the box and
2. Cover the opening in the door by placing
Figure 1
Enclosure for the ALI-8
Cerberus Division
(18 AWG) for the TRI-60Ds to the
AnaLASER equipment
put it to one side temporarily.
the black metal plate over the studs
located on the door.
Siemens Building Technologies, Ltd.
50 East Pearce Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B7 CN



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  • Page 1 —Local mounting codes located on the door. Figure 1 Enclosure for the ALI-8 Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Siemens Building Technologies, Ltd. 8 Fernwood Road 50 East Pearce Street Florham Park, New Jersey 07932...
  • Page 2 3. Fasten the plate to the door using the six the wall and each top screw. 6-32 nuts provided. 9. Mount the enclosure on the two screws and 4. (Refer to Figure 1.) Remove knockouts in the then install the bottom screws. backbox where field wiring is required.