45" Wood Burning Fireplaces
P/N 700,011M REV. A 09/2006
This installation manual will enable you to obtain a safe, efficient and
dependable installation of your fireplace system. Please read and under-
stand these instructions before beginning your installation.
Do not alter or modify the fireplace or its components under any
circumstances. Any modification or alteration of the fireplace system,
including but not limited to the fireplace, chimney components and
accessories, may void the warranty, listings and approvals of this system
and could result in an unsafe and potentially dangerous installation.
WH Report No. J20054576-231

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  • Page 1

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS TM-4500 SERIES 45" Wood Burning Fireplaces P/N 700,011M REV. A 09/2006 MODEL TM-4500 This installation manual will enable you to obtain a safe, efficient and dependable installation of your fireplace system. Please read and under- stand these instructions before beginning your installation.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety Rules ... page 2 Tools and Building Supplies ... page 2 Precautions ... page 3 Introduction ... page 3 Clearances/Height Requirements ... page 3 Chimney System ... page 3 Assembly Outline ... page 4 Location of Fireplace ... page 4 Assembly Steps ...

  • Page 3: Precautions, Introduction, Chimney System

    However, always maintain minimum clear- ances to combustible materials and do not vio- late any specific installation requirements. The TM-4500 Series fireplaces have been tested and listed by Warnock Hersey Inc. (Report No. J20054576-231) to U.L. 127 standard for U.S.

  • Page 4: Assembly Outline, Location Of Fireplace

    Insulate Joists Same as Ceiling Draft Stops F10FS-2 Firestop FTF10-CTDTM Termination Note: Non- Combustible Chase Flashing Must be Used to Cover Chase Opening (2.4m) Level Insulation (Thermal Barrier) Figure 2 WARNING: IF INSULATION IS USED, THE FIREPLACE MUST NOT BE PLACED DI- RECTLY AGAINST IT.

  • Page 5: Assembly Steps, Preinstallation Notes, Clearances, Installing The Fireplace

    Black Portion Of Frame Not To Be Covered With Combustible Materials Wall Covering ” ” Door Opening Safe 18” Zone Figure 5 DO NOT permanently place furniture or other items such as decorative pillows within 60" of the fireplace front face. ASSEMBLY STEPS Note: The following steps represent the normal sequence of installation.

  • Page 6: Fireplace Specifications

    Note: The “Z” type safety strip is not supplied. 2" (51mm) Metal Safety Strips with 1" (25mm) Overlap Figure 8 Blocking Platform Special “Z” Metal Safety Strips with 1" (25mm) Overlap 2" (51mm) Figure 9 Step 3. Refer to fireplace drawings and specifi- cations on pages 6 and 7 for framing dimensions and details.

  • Page 7

    Note: The framed depth, 28 " (732mm) from a framed wall, must always be measured from a finished surface. If a wall covering such as drywall is to be attached to the rear wall, then the framed depth must be measured from the drywall sur- face.

  • Page 8: Installing The Chimney System

    Step 5. Fireplace should be secured to side framing members using the full length nailing tabs at the top and bottom of the fireplace front face. Use 8d nails or equivalent ( Figure 18 ). Framing Stud Nailing Tab 8d Nail Figure 18 Note: The nailing tabs and the area directly behind the nailing tabs are exempt from the...

  • Page 9

    For Canada Only When installing the chimney system through an open attic space, the attic shield assembly- firestop spacer must be used ( Figure 23 ). This installation procedure is Warnock Hersey Inc. listed only for use in Canada. Open Attic Space Figure 23 Step 4.

  • Page 10: Ten Foot Rule Summary

    Step 7. Secure flashing by nailing along the perimeter into roof using 8d nails. If shingled roof, slide upper end and sides of roof flashing under shingles (trim if necessary), seal the top and both sides of the flashing to the roof with roof caulking.

  • Page 11: Multiple Terminations, Chimney Component Calculations, Special Offset Instructions

    MULTIPLE TERMINATIONS If more than one termination is located in the same chase or within the same general proxim- ity, we suggest they should be separated in distance at least 24" (610 mm) horizontally from flue center to flue center and stacked or staggered vertically at least 18"...

  • Page 12: Offset Calculations

    OFFSET CALCULATIONS Step 1. Use Offset Chart to determine amount of horizontal offset (A) and height (B) for various chimney section assemblies. Step 2. Use “Height of Chimney Only” column in The Vertical Elevation Chart to determine combinations of chimney used above return elbow to achieve desired heights.

  • Page 13: Vertical Elevation Chart, Offset Elevation Chart

    Height Of Number Of FTF10 Chimney Only Chimney Lengths Chimney Only Inches Feet/Inches 12" 18" 36" Inches 0 11 2 11 7 11 9 11 FTF10-ES30 Number of FTF10 Offset Height Offset/Return FTF10-S4 Chimney Sections (Inches) (Inches) Elbow Set Stabilizer 12"...

  • Page 14: Installing Offsets, Optional Equipment Considerations, Combustion Air Kits

    INSTALLING OFFSETS First, review the Offset Elevation Chart and Figure 40 for reference. Step 1. Determine the offset distance where chimney is to pass through the first ceiling- dimension “A.” To find this point on your ceil- ing, first determine the center point for a verti- cal chimney following the instructions for ver- tical installation.

  • Page 15: Glass Doors, Gas Line Connection, Vent Free Appliances, Cold Climate Insulation, Fireplace Finishes

    NOT TO INTERFERE WITH THE INSTALLA- TION AND OPERATION OF GLASS DOORS. GAS LINE CONNECTION TM-4500 Series fireplaces have been approved to accept a " (13 mm) gas line for an approved gas appliance. Always have the appliance in- stalled by a qualified, licensed plumber in ac- cordance with all local building codes.

  • Page 16

    12" Finished (305mm) Wall Max. " (38mm) Combustible Noncombustible Mantel Wall Covering and Trim 12" Spacer (305mm) Min. " (167mm) Fireplace Opening Typical Installation Figure 46 Hearth Extensions and Wall Shields A hearth extension must be installed with all fireplaces. It is to protect the combustible floor in front of the fireplace from both radiant heat and sparks.

  • Page 17

    Answer - The minimum required thickness of the Micore 160 is .417”, therefore round up to nearest standard thickness available which is 1/2”. Listed Material k (per inch) r (per inch) Listed Material 1.19 ** Approved Alternate Materials for Floor/Hearth Protection AlternativeMaterials Thermal Values k (per inch)

  • Page 18: Installation Components

    For the name of your nearest distributor call: LENNOX HEARTH PRODUCTS 1110 West Taft Avenue Orange, California 92865 Stabilizer 63L26 FTF10-S4 Offset/ Return Package (30 ) 63L23 FTF10-ES30 Locking Band 63L60 Model Part Number Weight TM-4500 89L48 450 lbs.

  • Page 19: Installation Components

    INSTALLATION COMPONENTS 63L16 FTF10-12 63L17 FTF10-18 63L18 FTF10-36 62L94 FTF10-18C Chimney Section 62L95 FTF10-36C Firestop Spacer (30 ) 63L37 F10FS30-2 Firestop Spacer (Flat) 63L36 F10FS-2 Chimney Air Kit (Canada Only) Combustion Air Kit 81L87 FOAK-4 (Less Duct) 81L88 FOAK-4LD Chase Termination (Square) 63L52 FTF10-CT2RS...

  • Page 20

    The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in design, materials, specifications, prices and also to discontinue colors, styles and products. Consult your local distributor for fireplace code information. Printed in U.S.A. © 2004 by Lennox Hearth Products P/N 700,011M REV.

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