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Husqvarna 120 Mark II Operator's Manual

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120 Mark II
Operator's manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 120 Mark II Operator's manual 2-26 P02138HV...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction..............2 Transportation...............23 Safety................3 Storage................. 24 Assembly................ 9 Technical data.............. 24 Operation..............12 Accessories..............25 Maintenance..............18 Introduction Operator's manual The initial language of this operator's manual is English. Operator's manuals in other languages are translations from English. Overview 1.
  • Page 3: Safety

    Symbols on the product This product agrees with the applicable Ukraine directives Warning Noise level Read this manual NOISE dBA Use approved head protection, hearing Hold the product properly with both hands protection and eye protection Use approved protective gloves Do not use with one hand The product agrees with the applicable EC Directives...
  • Page 4 • Do not let a person, without knowledge of the instructions, operate the product. • Always monitor a person, with decreased physical CAUTION: Damage to the product. capacity or mental capacity, that uses the product. A responsible adult must be there at all times. Note: This information makes the product easier to use.
  • Page 5 to the operator, workers, bystanders, or a • Do not operate this product in a tree. Operation of combination of these persons may result from the product while up in a tree may result in personal operation with only one hand. injury.
  • Page 6 • The operator should remain on the uphill side of the • Only operate the product with your feet on stable terrain as the tree is likely to roll or slide downhill ground. Without stable ground, operation can cause after it is felled. serious injury or death to the operator or others.
  • Page 7 moves the guide bar up and rearward in the away from the operator, which can easily cause direction of the operator. the loss of control of the product by the operator. Make sure that you understand the different forces and how to prevent them before you operate the product.
  • Page 8 • Do not overreach or cut above shoulder height. Let an approved dealer or an approved service center regularly examine the product to do adjustments or repairs. • Do not use a product with damaged protective equipment. If the product is damaged, speak to an approved service center.
  • Page 9: Assembly

    Safety instructions for maintenance • If you spill fuel on your clothing, change clothing immediately. • Disconnect the spark plug before doing maintenance • Do not get fuel on your body, it can cause injury. If on the product, not including carburetor adjustments. you get fuel on your body, use a soap and water to •...
  • Page 10 2. Remove the bar nuts and the sprocket cover. 5. Lift the saw chain above the drive sprocket and Remove the transportation guard (A). engage it in the groove on the guide bar. Start on the top edge of the guide bar. 3.
  • Page 11 10. Tighten the saw chain by turning the chain • Examine the chain tension frequently after you tensioning screw clockwise with the combination assemble a new saw chain and until the saw wrench chain has been run-in. • Examine the chain tension regularly. Correct chain tension results in good cutting performance and a long life.
  • Page 12: Operation

    2. To reset the brake, rotate the link clockwise until it stops. The front link will be in its downward rotated position when the chain brake is unlocked. Operation To make the fuel mixture WARNING: Read and understand the safety 1.
  • Page 13 To start a cold engine CAUTION: Always use air-cooled two- cycled engine oil of high quality. Other 1. Move the front hand guard forward to engage the oils can cause damage to the product. chain brake. 4. Shake the fuel mixture to mix the contents. 5.
  • Page 14 3. Push the air purge bulb 6 times. 9. If the engine starts or tries to start, push the choke control in to the half choke position. 10. Continue to pull until the engine starts. 11. Hold the rear handle with your right hand and the front handle with your left hand.
  • Page 15 14. Pull the throttle trigger slowly but fully for 8-10 14. Use the product. seconds, then release. To start the engine when the fuel is too hot If the product does not start, the fuel can be too hot. Note: Always use new fuel and decrease the operation time during warm weather.
  • Page 16 2. Make a notch 1/3 the diameter of the tree, 5. As the felling back cut nears the hinge, the tree perpendicular to the direction of the fall. starts to fall. Make sure that the tree can fall in the correct direction and not rock rearward and pinch the saw chain.
  • Page 17 2. Remove small limbs in one cut. • If the log is supported on one end, cut 1/3 the diameter from the underside of the log (known as underbucking) . 3. Cut branches that have tension from the bottom to the top to prevent pinching the saw chain or the •...
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    Maintenance • Examine the chain catcher for damage. Replace the WARNING: Read and understand the safety chain catcher if it is damaged. chapter before you clean, repair or do maintenance on the product. Maintenance schedule Make sure that you obey the maintenance schedule. The intervals are calculated from daily use of the product.
  • Page 19: Muffler

    • for cracks in the rivets and links. • Clean or replace the spark arrestor screen on the muffler. • for abnormally worn rivets and links. • for correct tension. If necessary, replace the saw chain. To sharpen the saw •...
  • Page 20 To do maintenance on the spark plug • Clean the spark plug. Make sure that the electrode gap is correct. CAUTION: Use the recommended spark plug. Make sure that the replacement is the same as the manufacturer supplied part. An incorrect spark plug can cause damage to the product.
  • Page 21 The cutters cutting depth is determined by the difference • File position. in height between the two, the depth gauge setting (C). • Round file diameter. When you sharpen a cutting tooth there are four important factors to remember: • Filing angle.
  • Page 22 4. File all the teeth to the same length. When the length Note: This recommendation assumes that the length of of the cutting teeth is reduced to 4 mm (5/32") the the cutting teeth is not reduced excessively. saw chain is worn out and must be replaced. Use a flat file and depth gauge tool to adjust the depth gauge.
  • Page 23: Transportation

    3. Lift the top of the guide bar and extend the saw 5. Make sure that you can pull the saw chain round chain by tightening the chain tensioning screw. Use freely by hand and that it does not sag. the combination wrench.
  • Page 24: Storage

    Always save fuel in an approved container. • Empty the fuel tank and the chain oil tank when the product is in storage for longer periods of time. Discard used fluids correctly. Technical data 120 Mark II unit (P02138HV) Engine specifications Cylinder displacement Spark plug...
  • Page 25: Accessories

    120 Mark II unit (P02138HV) Fuel and lubrication system Oil pump capacity at 9000 min ml/min Oil tank volume Type of oil pump Automatic Saw chain and guide bar Standard guide bar length cm (in) 35-40 (14-16) Recommended bar lengths...
  • Page 26 Saw chain filing and saw chain combinations Saw chain Chain type Round file size Side plate angle Top plate angle File guide angle Depth gauge set- ting 3/16 in. / 4,8 mm 60° 30° 10° 0,025 in. / 0,65 5/32 in. / 4,0 mm 60°...
  • Page 27 657 - 006 -...
  • Page 28 Original instructions 1141199-26 2019-10-29...