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Black & Decker MGD200 Use And Care Book Manual page 8

Black & decker use and care manual hand mixer mgd200


hand mixer
Michael Graves
The highly acclaimed work of Michael Graves has restored a sense of
humanity to modern architecture, which in turn makes him one of the
most recognized architects of our time. Together with Disney™, he
designed their corporate headquarters and the Walt Disney™ World
Swan and Dolphin Hotels. Notable for his ability to craft inventive
items for the home, Michael has designed products for companies such
as Alessi, F.A.O. Schwartz and Steuben. In light of his vast body of
work, Michael Graves has, and continues to, define the aesthetic of
the 1980's and 90's.
The Michael Graves product line is an inspired balance of form and
function. At once it is sensible and sublime, practical and whimsical,
utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing. Michael Graves creates useful
objects, which not only carry their weight, but simultaneously lift
our spirits.



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