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Black & Decker FM1700 Instruction Manual page 5

Black & decker meat mincer instructions manual
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How to use your Sausage Attachment:
1. Insert the sausage disc inside the coarse & fine disc in the grinder head.
2. Insert the sausage stuffer into the nut.
3. Fit the assembled mincer head onto the motor unit.
4. Push the sausage skin (using either real or synthetic skin) over the sausage stuffer and knot the end.
5. Repeat the procedure 4 & 5, as mentioned under " How to use your meat mincer".
6. The sausage mixture is pressed through the sausage stuffer and into the sausage skin.
7. When the first sausage has reached the desired length, squeeze it through with your fingers at the
end of sausage and turn the sausage around its own axis once or twice.
: You can turn 'OFF' the appliance after each single sausage length
: The sharp side of the cutter must face the disc.
How to use your Shredder attachment:
1. Insert the shredder attachment head into the groove on the base unit. The shredder head is joined to the base unit
with a bayonet lock mechanism, similar to the meat mincer attachment. Hold the shredder head with one hand
keeping the food funnel at an angle of 45 degrees in clockwise direction.
2. Turn the shredder head anti-clockwise in the direction of the upright arrow until the filling shaft snaps into place in
an upright position.
3. Now insert the desired shredder disc into the shredder.
4. Rotate it slightly so that it is flush with the shredder opening and gets coupled with the drive shaft inside the
shredder attachment.
5. Now you can shred vegetables (adequately cut to go through shredders chute) to meet your requirement. Switch
the unit 'ON' in the forward direction. Slowly feed the vegetable pieces into the food funnel and push down with
the food pusher (as shown in the fig). Do not apply excessive force when pushing down. This could damage your
6. Only use the pusher provided to press the vegetables against the shredder disc.
1. Care should be taken while handling the shredder disc as the sharp edges might cut your hand.
2. Do not press the pusher hard, as it will damage the shredder disc.
3. Do not use your fingers to push the vegetables on to the shredder disc.
How to care for your meat mincer:
After use, switch 'OFF' the mincer and disconnect cord from the power supply. Ensure that the motor has stopped
completely before disassembling. Remove the nut and detach the discs and the cutting blade from the worm. Pull
the feeding screw out from the metal head. Detach the grinder head from the motor unit by pressing the head against
base unit and rotating the head in anticlockwise direction by 45 degrees.
Remove the meat residue if any from the end of the feeder screw. Wash all the parts in hot sudsy water & allow to
dry. Do not put the parts in the dishwasher. Wipe the motor unit with a damp cloth and dry. Wipe the mincer screen
plate and blade with salad oil before storing to prevent corrosion. Use the storage compartment on the base unit to
store two blades and kebbe attachment.
Do's and Dont's:
1. Always ensure that the bones and unwanted fat are removed from the meat before mincing.
2. Always use the pusher provided. Never use your fingers or any other utensils.
3. Never immerse the base unit into any liquid.
4. Do not fix the cutting blade or mincer blades when using kebbe attachment.
5. Do not try to mince material with hard fibers like ginger.
6. To avoid blocks and Jams inside the feeder screw, don't use excessive force.
7. If the unit gets blocked due to hard materials lodged on to the feeder screw or cutting blade, immediately
switch 'OFF' the unit and remove the ingredients before starting again.
8. When switching from 'ON' to 'OFF/REV' or vice versa, wait for 6 seconds to assure that the motor has
stopped completely.
9. Care is needed when handling the cutter blade especially during removal, re-fitting and cleaning.
10. Switch 'OFF' and unplug the appliance before approaching parts that move while in use.


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