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Tr3500T 15 B; Installation Instructions; Unpacking; Installation - Bosch TR3500T Series Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation instructions


TR3500T 15 B

• Only connect the appliance to a correctly earthed electrical socket.
Do not use extension cables.
• Only a prototype-tested diaphragm safety valve may be installed.
• During the heating process, expansion water must drip out of
the safety valve outlet. The outlet pipe of the safety valve must remain
open to the atmosphere.
• The safety valve prevents excessive pressure from developing in
the water heater during the heating process. Expansion water must
be able to drain off via the safety valve.
• Do not block the outlet pipe!
• The size of the outlet pipe must suit the fully opened safety valve.
The blow-off opening of the safety valve must remain open to
the atmosphere.
• The blow-off pipe of the safety group must be installed with
a constant decline in a frost-free room. Regular maintenance
and operation of the safety valve are required to remove deposits
and to ensure that the safety valve is not blocked.
• The installation instructions of the safety group must be followed.
• A shutoff valve must not be installed between the safety valve and
the water heater.
• Supplied stickers: "For reasons of safety, water must come out of
the outlet pipe during the heating period! Do not block!" – attach
the stickers to the outlet pipe in a clearly visible position.
• The safety valve must be operated regularly to verify its function
and to decalcify the valve.
Please read this installation and operating instruction manual
carefully, then act accordingly! Store for future reference.
Installation instructions
Install the small water heater as described in the illustrated section.
Observe the instructions in the text.
The illustrations can be found in the centre of the instruction manual.


• Inspect the new appliance for transport damage!
• Please dispose of the packaging, and if applicable, the old appliance
in an environmentally-friendly manner.
Scope of delivery (Fig. 1)
1. Housing
2. Temperature selector switch
3. Cold water supply
4. Hot water outlet
5. Mounting (2 screws, 2 wall plugs)
6. Documentation
Open circuit operation (unpressurised) to supply just a single tap:
Installation only with a suitable overflow fitting
• BZ 11114: Mixing tap with visible cross-connected body
for mounting on vertical surface and hand-held shower head
• BZ 11113: Mixing tap with visible cross-connected body
for mounting on vertical with pivoting outlet
Closed circuit operation (pressure-resistant), for several taps:
Installation only with permitted pressurised fittings and safety valve
• AK 030300: Safety valve combination up to 5 bar water pressure
• AK 040300: Safety valve combination up to 5 bar water pressure
with pressure reducing valve


Dimensions (Fig. 2)
Wall mounting (Fig. 3)
Note: When exchanging an appliance, check whether you can re-use
existing boreholes.
Note: Make sure you mount the appliance vertically and the wall is flat.
• Mark the locations for the holes; drill the holes and insert the wall plugs.
(TR3500T 15 B: Pressure-resistant operation with safety valve
combination AK 030300/AK 040300)
Water connection TR3500T 15 B (Fig. 5)
(Fig. 5, 1): Unpressurised operation,
(Fig. 5, 2): Pressure-resistant operation
K Cold water
W Warm water
1. Safety valve
2. Manometer test nozzle
3. Check valve
4. Test device for check valve
5. Pressure reducing valve
Closed circuit operation (pressure-resistant)
• Install in the vicinity of the tap at which most water is taken.
• Rinse the water pipes thoroughly to remove impurities
and contaminants before connecting the taps.
• A safety valve (1) is to be fitted with a water pressure up
to 0.5 MPa (5 bar). A pressure reducing valve (5) must be fitted
and set accordingly if the pressure exceeds this value.
• A stop valve may not be fitted between the safety valve (1)
and the cold water supply.
TR3500T – 6 720 875 999 (2018/01)



Table of Contents

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