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SWR Bass Combo Amplifier Owner's Manual

Bass combo amplifier
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  Summary of Contents for SWR Bass Combo Amplifier

  • Page 1 Black Beauty OWNER’S MANUAL SWR• SCOTTSDALE, AZ• USA...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

  • Page 3 A little history: The SWR Black Beauty is the successor to the Basic Black, a combo we offered throughout most of the 1990s as the most affordable solution for bassists who wanted the “SWR Sound“ in the simplest all-in-one package possible. Our top-selling product for several years running, the Basic Black featured a tube preamp (using a specially-selected 12AX7A vacuum tube), SWR’s patented “Aural Enhancer,”...
  • Page 4: Specifications

    packaging: AC Cable, SubWave Activator Footswitch, (4) Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels, this owner’s manual, SWR Catalog. BLACK BEAUTY – FRONT PANEL FEATURES • Dual independent input jacks compatible with both passive and active instruments • Preamp Gain control with red LED clip indicator •...
  • Page 5 –3dB @ 20 Hz and 40 kHz Sensitivity (full output under clipping, 8 ohms load, 100 Hz) Passive Input Jack: 38 millivolts Active Input Jack: 60 millivolts Power Amplifier (Effects Return Jack “in”): 5 volts Input Impedance Passive/Active Input: 800k Ohms Active Input: 60k Ohms Effects Return: 27k Ohms Output Impedance...
  • Page 6 BLACK BEAUTY – FRONT PANEL FEATURES INPUT JACKS Both input jacks accept a standard 1/4" phone plug and both inputs can be used at the same time. Since the two inputs are totally independent, no loss in volume or tone will occur by using two instruments simultaneously.
  • Page 7 The Aural Enhancer is a feature that’s been on just about every SWR amplifier since the company’s inception in 1984, and is a trademark part of the “SWR Sound” people have come to know and love. It was developed to help bring out the fundamental low notes of the bass guitar, enhance the high-end transients, and reduce certain frequencies that help “mask”...
  • Page 8 your ears and the desired musical application will be the best judge in setting this control. (Keep in mind that the Bass Level control will have a significant impact on the perceived level of the SubWave™ effect as well, as it follows immediately after the SubWave™ in the signal chain. Please read below.) BLACK BEAUTY –...
  • Page 9: Master Volume Control

    Beauty.) With the Effects Blend fully counter-clockwise (“DRY”), no signal from your external effects unit will be heard. As you turn this control clockwise, more of the effect can be heard in the overall sound. When the Effects Blend control is set fully clockwise (“WET”), no true or unaffected signal is heard other than what your external effects unit provides.
  • Page 10: Balanced (Xlr) Output

    BLACK BEAUTY – REAR PANEL FEATURES BALANCED (XLR) OUTPUT The Balanced XLR out is a true electronically balanced output, suitable for studio and “front-of-house” (live) mixing consoles. The level present at this output can be adjusted by using the XLR Pad control (see the “XLR Pad Control”...
  • Page 11: Tuner Out

    This three-position switch determines the signal present at the Balanced (XLR) Output jack as described in the section directly above. In simple terms: 1. Direct = pre-EQ and SubWave™, post-first tube stage 2. Line = post-EQ and SubWave™ 3. Direct + Sub = pre-EQ/post-first tube stage blended with SubWave™ Make sure the switch is set either to full left, full right or center to avoid an intermittent condition.
  • Page 12: Effects Send

    normal. CONNECTING AN EXTERNAL EFFECTS DEVICE TO THE BLACK BEAUTY EFFECTS LOOP Obtain two high-quality shielded patch cables, preferably as short as possible. Route them in the most direct way possible. (Running patch cables over the top of the Black Beauty—as with any amplifier—can induce hum in the cables and is not recommended.) Take one cable and connect it from the Effects Send jack on the Black Beauty to the input of your external effects device.
  • Page 13 This three-position switch gives you the choice of three different options for operation of the horn tweeter. In the Full Range (top) position, the tweeter will reproduce an unattenuated signal of every frequency it sees (roughly 2 kHz up to 15 kHz, within certain tolerances). The –6db (bottom) position reduces the level of the tweeter’s outputs by 6 decibels, which to the ear sounds roughly as if cut in half compared to the Full Range position.
  • Page 14 cept is way off the mark. Unlike power amps, every speaker cabinet has a pre-determined impedance rating measured in “ohms.” In most cases this rating is either 4 or 8 ohms (though there may still be some old 2 ohm creakers out there). The higher the impedance of the speaker cabinet, the more resistance to power it will offer.
  • Page 15 receive slightly less than half (200 watts) the total power delivered. Other than this imbalance, there is no reason why you can’t connect an 8 ohm extension cabinet together with the 4 ohm internal speaker in the Black Beauty. In any event, make sure your extension speaker cabinet can handle the power. There is also the situation known as underpowering your speakers.
  • Page 16 damage your amplifier and void your warranty. The fuse can open as a result of a fault in the speaker cable, the speakers themselves, or the power amp being sent well into clipping. With this in mind, it is wise to carry extra fuses at all times. LINE FUSE (A/C OR MAINS FUSE) This fuse is provided to protect the internal electronics against power surges, etc.
  • Page 17: Suggested Settings

    SUGGESTED SETTINGS The following page includes examples of tone control options for various styles of music. These settings are intended for use as a starting point for dialing in your own individual sound, so feel free to make adjustments based on your own playing style, instrument and speaker cabinet configuration. After you find combinations you like, don’t forget to try adding in the SubWave™…as much as you feel is necessary.
  • Page 18 SUGGESTED SETTINGS ROCK REGGAE JAZZ SLAP STUDIO 16 • BLACK BEAUTY OWNER’S MANUAL Midrange Aural Enhancer Bass Level Midrange Aural Enhancer Bass Level Midrange Aural Enhancer Bass Level Midrange Aural Enhancer Bass Level Midrange Aural Enhancer Bass Level Frequency Treble Frequency Treble Frequency...
  • Page 19 BLACK BEAUTY LIMITED WARRANTY The BLACK BEAUTY from FMIC is warranted to the original consumer purchaserfor TWO YEARS from the date of purchase, against defects in materials and workmanship and provided that it is purchased from an Authorized SWR Dealer. This warranty applies only to products purchased in the USA or Canada. This warranty is VOID if the unit has been damaged due to accident, improper handling, installation or operation, shipping damage, abuse or misuse, unauthorized repair or attempted repair, or if the serial number has been defaced or removed.

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