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How To Use; Need Help - Black & Decker EE100 Use And Care Book Manual

Microwave espresso maker
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Before First Use:
gasket is in place (see illus.). Experiment with different coffees for best results.
Follow these steps for BREWING using the drawing on pg. 5.
Fill the Bottom Water Cup with cold water up to the inside lip.
Set Funnel into Bottom Water Cup.
Fill Coffee Basket with espresso grind coffee and level off. (Do not
tamp or pack.)
Place Filter onto Coffee Basket and set Coffee Basket into Funnel.
Place Brewer over Bottom Water Cup and screw firmly into place.
Place unit with Lid in the center of a Microwave Oven set on high for
1-1/2 minutes. If boil over occurs, reduce the brew time in 10-second
increments until no boil over occurs.
Note: Because microwaves and brewing times vary, experiment with
amount/type of espresso grind and brew time to suit your taste.
Grasp handle to remove unit from Microwave when finished brewing.
Remove Lid (9) and check the level of espresso in the Brewer Cup
(See Illustration A). Standard brew is at least 2 oz. (59 ml).
If you don't have this level brew, replace Lid and microwave on high
for another 10 seconds. Wait 20-30 seconds for bubbling to stop.
1. CAUTION: Always unscrew the Bottom Water Cup under cold run-
ning water. It is normal for some water to be left in the Bottom Water
Cup. Both the Coffee Basket and any water in the Bottom Water Cup
will be extremely hot!
2. To brew additional espresso, rinse Funnel, Coffee Basket, and Filter then
repeat "BREWING" steps (1-8).
3. Parts (including frother parts on models with frother) are top rack dishwash-
er-safe — hand washing filter is recommended.

Need Help?

1. Didn't brew or very little brew.
• If brew level is low, replace Lid and microwave on high for 10 more seconds.
• Was Bottom Water Cup filled up to the inside lip?
• Was Coffee Basket loosely filled to the top with grounds and the filter
in place?
• Very fine grind is not recommended as it may clog the basket holes
and produce little or no brew.
2. Leaking during brewing.
• Was rubber gasket in place and clean of grounds or debris? (see
Illustration p.5)
• Was Brewer screwed firmly closed?
3. Espresso too thick or bitter.
• Don't pack grounds in the Coffee Basket.
• Try a coarser grind.
4. Espresso too weak and thin.
• Be sure to fill Coffee Basket all the way to the top.
• Try a finer grind. However, do not use a very fine grind.
5. Didn't close tightly or green ribbed sleeve slipped down.
• Place Brewer on a flat surface to push sleeve up.
Disassemble unit and wash all parts. Check to see if the

How to Use

Cleaning/Additional Brewing
(Troubleshooting) - English

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