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Ecler essentials eLPA2-350 User Manual

Amplifiers, light stereo amplifier
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Light Stereo Amplifier



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  • Page 1 AMPLIFIERS Light Stereo Amplifier USER MANUAL v.20190504...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INDEX IMPORTANT REMARK ......................3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ................3 IMPORTANT NOTE ........................ 5 INTRODUCTION ........................5 4.1. Features ............................6 INSTALLATION ........................6 5.1. Location, mounting, ventilation....................6 5.2. Network connection ........................7 5.3. Signal input connections ......................7 5.4.
  • Page 3: Important Remark

    1. IMPORTANT REMARK The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.
  • Page 4 8. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. 9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding type plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong.
  • Page 5: Important Note

    Thanks to its oversized power supply, the amplifier can work comfortably with loads of 4. The eLPA2-350 features two XLR3 balanced inputs, two 6.35mm TRS jack inputs and two unbalanced inputs with RCA connectors. Its outputs offer total versatility thanks to the double format used: safety terminal type connectors with standard distance, and Speakon...
  • Page 6: Features

    4.1. Features  Effective progressive ventilation system, with flow adaptable to the internal temperature of the amplifier. It takes the air from the rear and is expelled from the front.  Rotating controls for input attenuation in the frontal panel, easily accessible. ...
  • Page 7: Network Connection

    5.2. Network connection The eLPA2-350 model has a power supply that accepts mains voltage 230 V, 47 to 63 Hz. All models feature fuses to protect against possible overloads. If one of these fuses blows, it must be replaced by another of identical characteristics. If the fuse is blown A HIGHER again immediately after replacement, consult our Technical Service.
  • Page 8: Cut-Off Filter Or Crossover

    150 Hz and 20 kHz. The slope of the cut-off filter between the two bands, at 150Hz, is 18 dB / octave. This function is useful for connecting a two-way speaker system to a single eLPA2-350 amplifier. If it is a stereo reproduction, it will be necessary to use an eLPA amplifier for the left signal and another one for the right signal, each of them working with the low frequencies in channel 1 and the high frequencies in channel 2.
  • Page 9: Output Connections

    10 meters a section of not less than 2.5 mm is recommended and not less than 4 mm for longer distances. Below is the connection diagram of the eLPA2-350 amplifier depending on the operating MODE: STEREO, PARALLEL and BRIDGE.
  • Page 11: Functioning

    6. FUNCTIONING 6.1. Start-up When the power-on switch is pressed, the blue LED "ON" and the two red LEDs "PROTECT" (4) light up. About 10 seconds later, all the voltages have stabilized and the amplifier is operational, and the "PROTECT" indicators go out. In a complete audio installation it is important to start the equipment according to the following sequence: sound sources, mixer, equalizers, active filters and finally the power amplifiers.
  • Page 12: Cleaning

    3. If the amplifier is delivering a continuous or very low frequency signal that could damage the loudspeakers. WARNING: If these indicators are permanently lit, even if all signal input and output cables have been disconnected from the amplifier, this could be a malfunction symptom that should be analysed by the official Ecler service centre.
  • Page 13: Function Diagram

  • Page 14: Function List

    9. FUNCTION LIST 1. Indicator of the presence of signal at the input, SIGNAL 2. Clipping indicator, CLIP 3. Input attenuator 4. Protective function indicator, PROTECT 5. Indicator light, ON 6. Start-up switch 7. Input level selector, SENSITIVITY 8. Filter toggle, CROSSOVER 9.
  • Page 15: Technical Characteristics

    10. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS eLPA2-350 POWER 20-20kHz 1% THD 1 Channel @ 4Ω 345 WRMS 1 Channel @ 8Ω 200 WRMS All Channels @ 4Ω 280 WRMS Bridge@8Ω 560 WRMS Input connectors XLR3, RCA, 6.25mm jack Signal present indicator -40dB Gain...
  • Page 16 product characteristics subject variation production tolerances. NEEC AUDIO BARCELONA S.L. reserves the right to make changes or improvements in the design or manufacturing that may affect these product specifications. Motors, 166‐168 08038 Barcelona ‐ Spain ‐ (+34) 932238403 |

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