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Batteries And Devices With Built-In Batteries In Eu Member States - Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI3321G-W Safety Manuallines


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This chapter explains the precautions for disposing of waste batteries in EU member states and for exporting batteries and devices with
built-in batteries to EU member states.
Disposal precautions
EU member states have a separate collection system for waste batteries. Dispose of batteries properly at the local community waste
collection/recycling center.
The following symbol is printed on batteries and packaging of devices with built-in batteries.
This symbol indicates that batteries need to be disposed of separately from other wastes.
The symbol is valid in the EU member states only. The symbol is specified in Article 20 "Information for end-users" and ANNEX II of the new
EU Battery Directive (2006/66/EC).
Transportation precautions
The new EU Battery Directive (2006/66/EC) requires the following when batteries and/or devices with built-in batteries are sold and exported
to EU member states.
• To print the symbol on batteries, devices, or their packaging
• To explain the symbol in the manuals of the products
Labelling the symbol
To market or export batteries and/or devices with built-in batteries, which have no symbol, to EU member states, print the symbol as shown
above on the device or its packaging.
Attaching explanatory note to the manual
To export devices incorporating this product to EU member states, provide the latest manuals of this product (Safety Guidelines, MELIPC
MI3000 User's Manual) that include the explanation of the symbol mark.
If manuals of this product (Safety Guidelines, MELIPC MI3000 User's Manual) are not provided, separately attach an explanatory note
regarding the symbol mark to each manual of the devices.


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