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Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI3321G-W Safety Manuallines page 4


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● Do not disassemble or modify the product. Doing so may cause a failure, malfunction, injury, or fire.
● Use any radio communication device such as a cellular phone or personal handy-phone system (PHS) more than 25 cm away in all
directions from the product. Not doing so may cause a malfunction.
● Do not touch the conductive areas and electronic parts of the product.
Doing so may cause a malfunction or failure of the product.
● Before touching the product, make sure to touch the grounded metal or other conductive material to discharge the static electricity in
the body and others. Not doing so may cause the product to fail or malfunction.
● When unplugging the cable connected to the product, do not hold and pull the cable portion.
Doing so may damage the product or cable, or cause a malfunction due to a cable connection fault.
● Do not drop the product or subject it to a strong shock.
Doing so may damage the product.
● Noises may cause unstable touch operation or difference between a touched position and the object position.
When any difference between a touched position and the object position occurs, other objects may be activated. This may cause an
unexpected operation due to incorrect output or malfunction.
● Since the display section of the product is made of glass, if it is broken, pieces of glass can scatter. Be careful not to get hurt.
● The touch panel exposed to water or any conductive substances may cause incorrect input or position gap.
● Shut down Windows before turning off the product.
Do not turn off the product before shutting down Windows, or the SSD data may be corrupted.
● Do not turn off the product immediately after shutting down Windows.
Doing so may cause the data corruption since the SSD is being accessed.
Turn off the product when 15 seconds or longer have passed after the Power LED turns orange.
The access time to the SSD depends on the usage environment.
● Turn off and on the input power supply when 10 seconds or longer have passed after the power supply of the product is shut off.
● If the data storage is removed from the product while being accessed, the data storage and files may be damaged.
● When installing a USB device into the USB interface of the product, make sure to insert the device into the interface firmly.
Not doing so may cause a malfunction due to a connection fault.
● Make sure to shut off the external power supply for the system in all phases before installing the extension board or an SSD. Not doing
so may result in an electric shock, product damage, or malfunction even when the product is shut down.
● When using the product with the SSD installed, tighten the screws firmly.
● When disposing of the product, treat it as industrial waste.
● When disposing of batteries, separate them from other wastes according to the local regulations. For details on battery regulations in
EU member states, refer to "Handling of Batteries and Devices with Built-In Batteries in EU Member States" in this manual.
● When transporting lithium batteries, follow the transportation regulations. For details on the regulated models, refer to "Precautions for
Battery Transportation" in this manual.
● Since the product is a precision device, during transportation, make sure that the product is not exposed to a shock exceeding the
shock resistance described in the general specifications of the user's manual of the product.
Not doing so may cause the product to fail.
Check if the product operates correctly after transportation.
● When halogenated substances (such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine) contained in fumigants, which are used as
disinfectants or insecticides for wooden packing materials, enter our products, they may cause a malfunction.
Make sure that the remaining fumigant does not enter our products, or treat the packaging by the method other than fumigation (heat
treatment or others).
Additionally, disinfect and protect wood from insects before packing products.


Table of Contents

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