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Precautions Regarding Warranty; Precautions For Use; Precautions When Repairing - Mitsubishi Electric MELIPC MI3321G-W Safety Manuallines


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Precautions regarding Warranty

This product was jointly developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Advantech Co., Ltd.
For the warranty, pay attention to the following remarks.
Gratis warranty term
Repair term after discontinuation of production
• For repairs during the gratis warranty term, refer to "Warranty" in this manual.
• If replacement parts become unavailable, some specifications may change or the product may not be repaired even within the repair term.
• It may take some time to respond to the problem or repair the product depending on the condition and timing.

Precautions for Use

Precautions for Microsoft Corporation products
The product is equipped with the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system manufactured by Microsoft Corporation in the United States.
For the use of the product, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation shall have no responsibility or liability for any problem or damage caused by the
product of Microsoft Corporation in the United States.
For problems and specifications of products of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, refer to the manuals of them or contact Microsoft
Contact Microsoft Corporation from the following web address.
Microsoft Corporation:

Precautions When Repairing

The following describes precautions when repairing this product.
• When repairing the product, the customer may delete software or data installed to the product and initialize the product to default status.
For the data stored in the memory, Mitsubishi shall have no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by a failure, malfunction, theft
during transportation, or any other reasons.
• Back up data by yourself prior to ordering repair service.
The product returned to Mitsubishi is considered that all data are backed up.
• Before ordering overseas repairs, delete software or data shown below by yourself.
• Software subject to export control rules (encryption software, etc.)
• Software or data related to customer's trade secrets
• Mitsubishi will delete or break data stored in memory that is removed for repair by our responsibility. Note that Mitsubishi will not return the
removed memory and will not issue the deletion/destruction certificate.
18 months after delivery or
24 months from manufacture
5 years


Table of Contents

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