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Installation Instructions - Light for Life 5.11 Tactical Series Hardwiring Instructions

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Installation Instructions:

Please follow these steps to hardwire the base into your
vehicle. It is very important that these installation instructions
are followed and all provided and recommended equipment
is used.
1. Disconnect the Light For Life
2. Disconnect both terminals from the vehicle's battery.
3. Consult the vehicle's user guide to select a suitable
4. Cut the two wires connecting the base to the cigarette
TAC5378_LFL_VehicleInstall_Rev.indd 6
cigarette receptacle if it is currently installed.
positive 12 volt connection either on the positive battery
terminal or inside a fuse box. The circuit that you choose
must have a current rating of at least 10 amps. Also
choose a suitable ground connection either on the
vehicle chassis, on the negative terminal of the battery,
or inside a fuse box. The ideal 12 volt connection is one
that is hot at all times rather than one that requires the
key to be in 'ACC' or 'START' position to operate. *The
high performance of the UC3.400 is maintained if the
flashlight is allowed to remain in a powered-up base
when not in use.*
plug. Cut these close to the cigarette plug.
5.11 Light For Life
base from the vehicle's
Hardwiring Instructions
9/3/10 10:58 AM



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