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Light for Life 5.11 Tactical Series Hardwiring Instructions page 10

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21. The base positive wire should exist on its own fuse. Do not
22. Route and secure all wires. Ensure that no electrical
23. Open the in-line fuse holder. Insert the 8 amp fuse and
24. Re-connect the vehicle's battery terminals.
25. Insert a flashlight into the charger. Verify that the blue
26. After verifying that the base functions properly, do the
TAC5378_LFL_VehicleInstall_Rev.indd 10
share power with other devices.
connections are exposed. Wrap any exposed
connections with electrical tape.
close the fuse holder.
LED either blinks increasing fast or is solid.
a. If blinking does not increase in speed or is not solid, the
positive and negative wires may have been switched
during installation.
b. If blue LED does not light at all:
The fuse may be blown. Remove the 8 amp fuse and check
that it is not blown.
The selected circuit may not be energized or may require the
key to be in the 'ACC' or 'START' position.
ii. An electrical connection may be bad. Pull on wires at each
connection to ensure that they are properly held.
iii. The base may be damaged. Please call the service center.
a. Put the flashlight in the base and wait until the LED turns
solid blue.
5.11 Light For Life
Hardwiring Instructions
9/3/10 10:58 AM



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