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Brewing Coffee - Black & Decker DCM20WH Use And Care Book Manual

4-cup thermal carafe coffeemaker
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Figure A
Figure B


1. Place the Permanent Filter into the
Filter Basket. (Figure A) Add drip
grind coffee to the filter correspond-
ing to the amount of coffee to be
brewed (usually one rounded table-
spoon for each 5 oz./150 ml cup.
Adjust to suit your taste).
NOTE: If you prefer, you may place a
small cone-shaped paper filter (#2
size) into the Permanent Filter for easy
disposal after brewing.
2. Use the Carafe to fill the Water
Reservoir with cold water to the
desired level. Close the flip-up reser-
voir cover.
3. Place the empty Carafe on the cof-
feemaker base. Be sure the Carafe
Serving Lid is in place.
4. Push down on the Start Lever. The
power light will come on and coffee
will brew through the Lid into the
Carafe. (Figure B).
5. When brewing is done, the
Coffeemaker will automatically turn off
and the Power "On" light will go out.
6. Let all the brewed coffee drip from
the Basket and watch for any hot liq-
uid dripping from the Basket before
removing the carafe. Since the carafe
has a cool-touch exterior, you can
bring it straight from the coffeemaker
to table or desk.
7. DO NOT pour brewed coffee back
into the Water Reservoir to reheat it.
Remove the cover and place the
carafe into a microwave to reheat, or
pour coffee into a saucepan and heat
it on a range. If you are reheating in a



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