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Control And Operation - Sanyo FX-02 Instruction Manual

Full auto reverse cassette car stereo with am/fm stereo synthesizer tuner
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Thank you for purchasing SANYO's FX-02, 03 cassette car stereo player.
For proper operation and performance, read this instruction manual carefully.


1) On-Off/Volume knob (OFF/VOL)
2) Balance control knob (BALI
3) Tone control knob (TONE)
4) Tuning button (A, v 1
Manual Tuning
If the right button (A) or the left button
the digital display will count up or down.
Auto Tuning
Depressing and hold down the TUNING button for half a second will start auto-
matic tuning.
The tuning process will be stopped when a strong signal is received.
5) Band button (B)
Select the desired radio band with the BAND select button. The radio frequency
Preset Scan button (P. SC )
By pushing the preset scan button, you can tune in sequence, the memorized or
preset stations for 5 seconds for each preset button 1 through 6 automatically.
To stop scanning, touch this button again or the desired preset button.
is pushed, the radio frequency on


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