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Sony Ericsson K510i User Manual

Sony ericsson cell phone user's manual.
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Sony Ericsson K510i
Sony Ericsson
GSM 900/1800/1900
This user guide is published by Sony Ericsson
Mobile Communications AB, without any warranty.
Improvements and changes to this user guide
necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies
of current information, or improvements to programs
and/or equipment, may be made by Sony Ericsson
Mobile Communications AB at any time and without
notice. Such changes will, however, be incorporated
into new editions of this user guide.
All rights reserved.
©Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB,
Publication number: EN/LZT 108 8397 R1A
Please note: Some of the services in this user guide
are not supported by all networks. This also applies
to the GSM International Emergency Number 112.
Please contact your network operator or service
provider if you are in doubt whether you can use
a particular service or not.
Please read the Guidelines for safe and efficient use
and the Limited warranty chapters before you use
your mobile phone.
This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use.


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   Summary of Contents for Sony Ericsson K510i

  • Page 1

    Sony Ericsson K510i Sony Ericsson GSM 900/1800/1900 This user guide is published by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, without any warranty. Improvements and changes to this user guide necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies of current information, or improvements to programs...

  • Page 2: Menu Overview, Status Bar Icons

    Menu overview Alarms* Internet services* Alarm Recurrent alarm Alarm signal Camera Messaging Write new Inbox My friends* Email Call voicemail Drafts Outbox Sent messages Saved messages Templates Settings File manager Contacts** Pictures Options Videos Speed dial Sounds My business card Themes Groups Web pages...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Why doesn’t the phone work the way I want? Important information ... . 57 Sony Ericsson Consumer Web site, safe and efficient use, warranty, declaration of conformity. Index ......70...

  • Page 4: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Getting to know your phone Phone overview, assembly, SIM card, battery, turning on, use the menus, activity menu, file manager, language, entering letters, Style-up™ covers. Earpiece Infrared port Camera key Screen Navigation Selection Back key Microphone This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. On/off key Activity menu key...

  • Page 5: User Guide Symbols, Assembling Your Phone, Sim Card

    User guide symbols The following instruction symbols appear in this user guide: See also page ... Use the navigation key to scroll and select 8 Navigating the menus. Note This symbol indicates that a service or function is network- or subscription- dependent.

  • Page 6

    Some functions use more battery power than others and may cause a need for more frequent re-charging. However talk-time or standby time may become noticeably shorter due to wear and you may have to replace your battery. Only use approved batteries from Sony Ericsson 60 Battery.

  • Page 7

    You may need a PIN (Personal Identification Number) from your network operator to activate the services in your phone. Each PIN digit appears as *, unless it starts with emergency number digits, for example 112 or 911. This is so that you can see and call an emergency number without entering a 13 Emergency calls.

  • Page 8: Navigating The Menus, Help Texts, More Options, Activity Menu

    Navigating the menus The main menus are shown as icons on the desktop. Some submenus include tabs that appear on the screen. • Press the navigation key in the centre or in a direction: Press to go to the desktop or to select items. Press to move through menus and tabs.

  • Page 9: File Manager

    Activity menu tabs New events • – such as missed calls and messages. • My shortcuts – applications that are running in the background and your shortcuts. You can add, delete and change the order of shortcuts. Bookmarks • – your Internet bookmarks. •...

  • Page 10: Entering Letters And Characters

    To change the phone language } Settings } General } Language • } Phone language, select a language. • From standby, press: 0000 for English or 8888 for Automatic language (SIM dependent). To select writing languages } Settings } General } Language } Writing language.

  • Page 11

    To add words to the T9 Text Input dictionary } More } Spell While entering letters Edit the word by using multitap input. Navigate between the letters with character, press . To delete the entire word, press and hold When you have edited the word word is added to the T9 Text Input dictionary.

  • Page 12: Calling

    Calling To change the battery cover Apply pressure with the heel of one hand while pushing away with the thumb of your other hand. You may need to apply significant pressure the first time you remove the battery cover. Locate the notches along each side of the phone. Using the notches as a guide, slide the battery cover upward applying pressure with the heel of your hand until it clicks in place.

  • Page 13: To Answer Or Reject A Call, Call List, Voice Call, Missed Calls

    To answer or reject a call } Answer } Busy to answer a call. To change the ear speaker volume During a call, press to increase or decrease the volume. To select more options during a call Press and select an option. To turn off the microphone Press and hold .

  • Page 14: To Make An Emergency Call, Managing Contacts, To Add A Contact

    Calling To make an emergency call Call. Enter, for example, 112 To view your local emergency numbers } Contacts } Options } Special numbers } Emergency nos. Contacts Choose your default contacts from one of the following: Phone contacts • –...

  • Page 15

    To add your own business card } Contacts } Options } My business card the information for your business card To send your business card } Contacts } Options } My business card } Send my card and select transfer method. To call a phone contact Select Contacts...

  • Page 16: Speed Dialling, To Delete A Contact, Synchronizing Contacts

    Calling To edit a SIM contact SIM contacts is default Phone contacts is default } SIM contacts. Select the name and number you want to edit. } More } Edit contact and edit the name and number. To delete a contact } Contacts select a contact, press To delete all contacts...

  • Page 17: Voice Control, The Magic Word

    To check your voicemail number } Messaging } Settings } Voicemail Voice control Manage calls with your voice and a handsfree. Create voice commands to voice dial, answer or reject calls. Voice commands cannot be saved on the SIM card. To activate voice dialling and record names } Settings } General } Voice control...

  • Page 18: More Than One Call, Call Waiting Service, Diverting Calls, To Make A Second Call

    Calling To use voice dialling • Without a handsfree: from standby, press and hold Calls and say the name. • With a handsfree: say your magic word or press the call handling button. Wait for the tone and say the name you recorded earlier, for example “John mobile”, the call connects.

  • Page 19: Receiving A Second Call, A Conference Call, Handling Two Calls, Two Voice Lines, Conference Calls

    Receiving a second call When you receive a second call, select one of the following options: • To answer and put the ongoing call on hold, Answer. • To reject and continue the ongoing call, • To answer and end the ongoing call, active call.

  • Page 20: Restricted Dialling, Accept Calls

    Calling To change the name of a line } Settings } Display } Edit line names the line to edit. My numbers View, add and edit your own phone numbers. To check your phone numbers } Contacts } Options } Special numbers } My numbers and select one of the options.

  • Page 21: Fixed Dialling, Tone Signals, Showing Or Hiding Your Phone Number

    Fixed dialling The fixed dialling function allows calls to be made only to certain numbers saved on the SIM card. The fixed numbers are protected by your PIN2. You can still call the international emergency numbers even when the fixed dialling function is activated. Partial numbers can be saved.

  • Page 22: Call Time

    Calling Transferring sound when using a Bluetooth™ handsfree Transfer the sound for calls when using a Bluetooth handsfree. You can also transfer the sound for calls using the keypad. To transfer sound when using a handsfree } More } Transfer sound During a call, a device.

  • Page 23: Messaging

    Messaging Text messaging, picture messaging, voice messaging, email. Your phone supports various messaging services. Contact your service provider about the services you can use or visit If there is no memory available, you must delete messages or emails before you can receive new ones 24 To delete several messages in a folder.

  • Page 24: Receiving Messages

    Messaging To copy and paste text in a message While writing your message Copy all Select to copy all of the text in your Copy text } Start message, or navigation key to mark text } More } Edit } Paste.

  • Page 25: Before You Start

    Long messages The number of characters allowed in a text message depends on the language used for writing. You can send a longer message by linking two or more messages. You are charged for each of the messages linked in a long message. You may not receive all parts of a long message at the same time.

  • Page 26: Voice Messages, Picture Messages

    Messaging To create and send a picture message } Messaging } Write new } Picture } More to add an item to the message. When } OK } More writing, to insert an item. } More to add more items to the message. When you are ready to send, continue as when sending a text message 23 Text messaging (SMS).

  • Page 27: Receiving Voice Messages

    Enter email addr. Select to enter an email Enter phone no. address, or to enter the recipient’s number, or Contacts look-up retrieve a number or group from Contacts, or select from the last used recipients list Receiving voice messages When you receive an automatically downloaded voice message, the voice message appears in the New events Activity menu if...

  • Page 28

    Messaging To receive and read email messages Messaging } Email } Select If the inbox is empty Send&rec. If the inbox is not empty } Send & receive. New messages are downloaded, select a message } View to read it. To reply to an email message Open the email message } More...

  • Page 29: Imaging

    To create a group of numbers and email addresses } Contacts } Options } Groups } New group Add. Enter a name for the group } New } Add to find and select a contact number or email address. Repeat to add more numbers or email Done.

  • Page 30: To Take Pictures And Video Clips, Camera Options

    Imaging To take pictures and video clips Press and hold to start the camera, press to switch between video and photo. Press again to take the picture or start the video. To end video recording, press again. Alternatively, you can select Camera and then Capture...

  • Page 31: Pictures And Video Clips, Video Clips

    Effects • – select different effects for your picture or video. • View all pictures (pictures). Shoot mode • (pictures) – select from Panorama no frame, to combine a few pictures Frames into one wide picture, to add a frame to Burst your picture and to take a few pictures in...

  • Page 32: Video Clip

    Imaging To view your video clips } File manager } Videos and select a video clip in a folder. } View } Play. } Stop to stop the video clip, options, for example Horizontal, or VideoDJ™, to edit the video clip. To search camera pictures by time line Camera pictures...

  • Page 33

    VideoDJ™ Compose and edit your own video clips by using video clips, pictures and text. You can also use trim to delete unwanted parts to shorten a video clip. To create a video clip } Entertainment } VideoDJ™. Add } Video clip, Picture Select...

  • Page 34

    Imaging To open an item for editing } Entertainment } PhotoDJ™ • } Camera pictures • and select an item } More } Edit. Options for editing a selected picture } Tool to view options: Add clipart • – select and add clipart. •...

  • Page 35: Media Player, Media Player Controls, Transferring Music

    Entertainment Media player, Disc2Phone, PlayNow™, ringtones, sounds, MusicDJ™, themes, games, Java™ and more. Media player Play music and video clips that you download or receive in a picture message or transfer from your computer. The following file types are supported: MP3, MP4, 3GP, AAC, AMR, MIDI, IMY, EMY and WAV (16 kHz maximum sample rate).

  • Page 36: Media Player Options

    Entertainment Tracks • – lists all music tracks (not ringtones) in your phone. • Playlists – create or play your own lists of music tracks. Videos • – lists all video clips in your phone. • Press – move up or down in the list. Playlists To organize the media items that are stored in the File...

  • Page 37: And Alerts

    PlayNow™ } Entertainment } PlayNow™ to pre-listen, buy and download music via the Internet. If settings are not already in your phone 40 Settings. For more information, contact your service provider or visit Streaming online music and videos Play videos and listen to music on a Web site by streaming them to your phone.

  • Page 38

    Entertainment The blocks are grouped into Intro, Verse, Break. You compose a melody by adding music blocks to the tracks. To compose a melody } Entertainment } MusicDJ™. Choose to Insert, Copy compose. Use between the blocks. Press } More a block.

  • Page 39

    To send and receive a theme } File manager } Themes and select a theme } More } Send and select a transfer method. When you receive a theme, follow the instructions that appear. To download a theme } File manager } Themes and scroll to a direct link } Go If settings are not already in your phone...

  • Page 40: Connectivity, Internet And Email Settings, Synchronizing, Bluetooth, Infrared, Usb Cable, Update Service

    Connectivity Java application screen size For most games and applications the screen size setting should not be changed from the default. Some downloaded Java applications may have been designed for other screen sizes. The phone will emulated the screen size selected in the screen size setting.

  • Page 41: Using Internet, Options When Browsing

    This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. If you select an email address when browsing a Web page, you can send a message to that address. } Go to for options: Sony Ericsson • – go to the pre-defined homepage. Bookmarks •...

  • Page 42: Internet Security, Trusted Certificates

    Connectivity To download from the Sony Ericsson Web site } Internet services } Sony Browse the Web page, select an item to download and follow the instructions that appear. To clear cookies } Internet services } More } Advanced } Other } Clear cookies } Yes.

  • Page 43

    Before installing any new or updated version of the computer software, all previous software related to phone communication has to be uninstalled. It is recommended to uninstall from the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel (Windows). Remote synchronization via Internet Synchronize online via an Internet service.

  • Page 44

    Connectivity Please check if local laws or regulations restrict the use of Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not allowed, you must ensure that the Bluetooth function is turned off. The maximum allowed Bluetooth radio output power in the phone is automatically adjusted according to possible local restrictions.

  • Page 45: Infrared Port, Usb Cable

    To transfer items using Bluetooth Select an item to transfer. } More } Send and select Infrared port The infrared port in your phone can be used to exchange information with another device equipped with infrared. To set infrared options } Settings } Connectivity } Infrared port } On } 10 minutes to turn on for 10 minutes.

  • Page 46: Update Service

    Connectivity To start a USB connection Turn on your phone. Connect the USB cable to your phone and computer. File transfer Phone mode Select To end a USB connection File transfer • When in mode, exit the USB connection on your computer by right-clicking on the Removable disk icon in Windows Explorer and select Eject.

  • Page 47: More Features

    Visit Select a region and country. Enter the product name. Select Sony Ericsson Update Service and follow the instructions that appear. This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. More features...

  • Page 48

    More features To set and use an alarm } Alarms and select an option: } Alarm • To set an alarm set a time } Recurrent alarm • To set a recurrent alarm } Continue a time select days } Alarm signal •...

  • Page 49: Calendar Settings

    To add a new appointment } Calendar } Select and select a date } New appointment } Add. } Continue Enter details to confirm each entry } Select to confirm appointment. To view an appointment } Calendar and select a day. View.

  • Page 50

    More features Tasks Add new tasks or use existing tasks as templates. You can also set reminders for tasks. To add a new task } Organizer } Tasks } New task } Task Phone call } Select Enter details and confirm each entry. To view a task } Organizer } Tasks and select a task...

  • Page 51: Sim Card Lock, To Use The Calculator

    To use the stopwatch } Organizer } Stopwatch } Start. New lap or Stop. Select Reset. Restart or Press to minimize and run the stopwatch in the background. Timer Your phone has a built-in timer. When the signal rings, press any key to turn it off. To set the timer } Organizer } Timer and enter the hours, minutes...

  • Page 52: Automatic Keylock, Phone Lock, Keypad Lock

    SIM card is inserted in the phone. It is important that you remember your new code. If you should forget it, you have to hand in your phone to your local Sony Ericsson retailer. Unlock. keylock.

  • Page 53: Code Memo, Checkword And Security

    To set the phone lock } Settings } General } Locks } Phone lock } Protection and select an option. Enter the phone lock code To edit your phone lock code } Settings } General } Locks } Phone lock } Change code.

  • Page 54: Troubleshooting, Why Doesn't The Phone Work The Way I Want

    Troubleshooting Forgot your passcode? If you forgot your passcode you must reset the code memo. To reset code memo } Organizer } Code memo } Continue } More } passcode Reset code memo? appears memo is reset and all entries are cleared. The next time you enter the code memo, you must start at 53 To open code memo for the first...

  • Page 55: Master Reset, To Reset The Phone, Error Messages, Insert Sim

    6 To insert the SIM card and charge the battery or 60 Battery. Charging a non Sony Ericsson battery If the battery you are using is not a Sony Ericsson approved battery 60 Battery. The wrong menu language is shown...

  • Page 56: Phone Locked, Phone Lock Code

    Troubleshooting Insert correct SIM card The phone only works with certain SIM cards. Check if you are using the correct operator SIM card for your phone. Emerg. calls only You are within range of a network, but you are not allowed to use it.

  • Page 57: Important Information, Sony Ericsson Consumer Web Site, Safe And Efficient

    • Global and local websites providing support. • A global network of Call Centers. • An extensive network of Sony Ericsson service partners. • A warranty period. Learn more about the warranty conditions in this user guide.

  • Page 58

    Important information Canada 1-866-766-9374 Central Africa +27 112589023 Chile 123-0020-0656 China 4008100000 Colombia 18009122135 Croatia 062 000 000 Czech Republic 844 550 055 Denmark 33 31 28 28 Finland 09-299 2000 France 0 825 383 383

  • Page 59: Efficient Use

    Portugal 808 204 466 Romania (+4021) 401 0401 Russia 095 7870986 Singapore 67440733 Slovakia 02-5443 6443 South Africa 0861 632222 Spain 902 180 576 Sweden 013-24 45 00 Switzerland 0848 824 040 Taiwan 02-25625511...

  • Page 60

    If the plug will not fit into the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. Use only Sony Ericsson branded original chargers intended for use with your mobile phone. Other chargers may not be designed to the same safety and performance standards.

  • Page 61: Personal Medical Devices

    Use only Sony Ericsson branded original batteries intended for use with your mobile phone. Using other batteries and chargers could be dangerous. The talk and standby times depend on several different conditions such as signal strength, operating temperature, application usage patterns, features selected and voice or data transmissions when using the mobile phone.

  • Page 62: Efficient Use

    Variations in SAR below the radio frequency exposure guidelines do not mean that there are variations in safety. While there may be differences in SAR levels among mobile phones, all Sony Ericsson mobile phone models are designed to meet radio frequency exposure guidelines.

  • Page 63: Disposing Of The Battery, End User Licence Agreement, Electronic Equipment

    Communications AB and its affiliated companies ("Sony Ericsson") and its third party suppliers and licensors ("Software"). As user of this Device, Sony Ericsson grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use the Software solely in conjunction with the Device on which it is installed and/or delivered with.

  • Page 64: Limited Warranty, Our Warranty

    Software. Sony Ericsson, and, to the extent that the Software contains material or code of a third party, such third party, shall be entitled third party beneficiaries of these terms.

  • Page 65

    Sony Ericsson does not take any responsibility for any lost information of any kind and will not reimburse you for any such loss. You should always make...

  • Page 66

    Since the cellular system on which the Product is to operate is provided by a carrier independent from Sony Ericsson, Sony Ericsson will not be responsible for the operation, availability, coverage, services or range of that system.

  • Page 67: Trademarks And Copyrights, Fcc Statement

    Under no circumstances will Sony Ericsson be liable in any way for your improper use of additional content or other third party content. QuickShare™, PlayNow™, MusicDJ™, PhotoDJ™, VideoDJ™...

  • Page 68

    Important information QuickTime® is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. T9™ Text Input is a trademark or a registered trademark of Tegic Communications. T9™ Text Input is licensed under one or more of the following: U.S.

  • Page 69: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of Conformity We, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB of Nya Vattentornet S-221 88 Lund, Sweden declare under our sole responsibility that our product Sony Ericsson type AAB-1022041-BV and in combination with our accessories, to which this declaration relates is in conformity with the appropriate standards 3GPP TS 51.010-1, EN 301489-7,...

  • Page 70: Index

    Index Index activity menu 8 adding Bluetooth device 44 alarm clock 47 alerts 37 answering service 16 applications 38, 39 appointment 49 backup, see synchronizing 42 battery 60 charging and inserting 6 Bluetooth adding handsfree 44 connecting computer 43 pairing, see adding device 44 Bluetooth™...

  • Page 71

    code memo 53 codes PIN 7, 56 PIN2 56 PUK 56 connecting computer using Bluetooth 43 connecting computer using USB 46 contacts 14 add picture or ringtone 14 adding contacts 14 default 14 deleting 16 editing 15, 16 groups of 28 sending 15 setting default number 16 synchronizing 42...

  • Page 72

    Index locks keypad 52 phone 52 phone lock 56 SIM card 51 loudspeaker, off/on 13 magic word 17 media player 35–36 melodies 37 composing 38 memory contacts 14 file manager 9 menu overview 2 menus navigating 8 message calling a number in 24 copying and pasting in 24 deleting 24 inserting an item in 23, 26...

  • Page 73

    QuickTime™ 32 receiving melodies and ringtones 38 picture 32 themes 39 video clip 32 recording calls 38 sounds 38 voice commands 17 reminders 49, 50 reset the phone 55 restricted dialling 20 ringtones 37 safety guidelines 59 save automatically to the SIM card 15 screen saver 32 This is the Internet version of the user's guide.

  • Page 74

    Index tasks 50 text input multitap 10 T9™ 10 text messages 23–25 themes 38 time 47 timer 51 transfer methods 26, 27, 45, 46 troubleshooting 54 turning on/off Bluetooth 44 infrared port 45 phone 7 phone lock 53 ringtones, melodies 37 SIM lock protection 52 two voice lines 19 This is the Internet version of the user's guide.

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