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Turning On/Off The Projector; Turning Your Projector On; Turning Your Projector Off - Acer PD1520 Series User Manual

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Turning On/Off the Projector

Turning Your Projector On

Turn on the projector before you turn on the source (computer, DVD player, etc.). The Power
LED is lighted solid red until the Power button is pressed.
1. Connect the power cord and appropriate signal cables to the projector.
2. Remove the lens cap.
3. Press the Power button. The Power LED will solid blue.
4. Turn on your source (computer, DVD player, etc).
5. Connect your source to the projector using the appropriate cable.
6. The input source is determined by the last connected input source. (By default,
the input source of the projector is set to HDMI). Change the input source of the
projector if necessary.

Turning Your Projector Off

The "Press power key again." message will be displayed. The message times out after 5
seconds or press the Menu button to clear it.
1. Press the Power button. Follow the instruction displayed on screen to properly turn
off the projector.
2. Press the Power button again. The cooling fans continue to operate for 3~5
3. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet and the projector.
Power Off?
Power Off?
Press power key again.



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