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Sony MF68-00258A Instructions For Use Manual

Digital satellite receiver.
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  • Page 2 DSR 9500AX / 9500AY / 9500AZ DSR 9510X / 9510Y / 9510Z Instructions for use REV. 1.4 DIGITAL SATELLITE RECEIVER...
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This STB has been manufactured to satisfy international safety standards. Please read the following recommended safety precautions carefully. MAINS SUPPLY AC 100-240V ~, 50/60Hz OVERLOADING Do not overload wall outlets, extension cords or adapters as this can result in fire or electrical shock. LIQUIDS Keep liquids away from the STB.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENT Safety Instructions ........1 General Features .
  • Page 5: General Features

  • Page 6: Connecting Your Stb

    CONNECTING YOUR "STB" 1. LOCATION OF THE RECEIVER Your STB should be placed under proper ventilation. Don’t put in completely enclosed cabinet that will restrict the flow of air, resulting in overheating. The location should be safeguarded from direct sunlight, excess moisture, rough handling or household pets.
  • Page 7 7. CONNECTING DIGITAL AUDIO SYSTEM Connect a fiber optic cable between Optical SPDIF on the receiver and Optical SPDIF on the Digital Audio System. 8. INSERTING SMARTCARDS FOR CAS SERVICES In order to view a scrambled service, you need to have the appropriate CAM (Conditional Access Module) and a valid smartcard.
  • Page 8: Description

    Front Panel This key is for turning the receiver on and Standby. These keys are for changing the channels. These keys are for increasing and decreasing the volume level manually. 4. 7 Segment Display This LED display will show the current channel number. While the receiver is in Standby mode, the display will show the current time.
  • Page 9: Rear Panel

    Rear Panel 1. AC MAINS 2. LNB 3. LOOP 4. RS 232 DATA PORT 5. S-VHS 6. SPDIF 7. AV SCARTS 8. 0/12V 9. VIDEO, AUDIO R/L 10. ANT.IN 11. TV 12. TELEPHONE LINE DESCRIPTION This is to plug in the AC mains power cord. The input AC voltage range is 100V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz supply.
  • Page 10: Remote Control Unit

    Remote Control Unit N N o o t t e e : When inserting batteries, make sure that the polarity(+/-) is correct. 1. POWER( This is for switching the receiver ON/STANDBY mode. 2. 0-9 Numerical keys ( These keys are to enter numeric values and to select the channel directly by entering its number.
  • Page 11 6. FAV 7. EPG 8. LAST 9. TEXT(GREEN) 10. ALT(YELLOW) 11. AUDIO(BLUE) 12. INFORMATION (RED) ( 13. MENU 14. EXIT 15. OK( 17. CH+/CH-( 18. VOL+/VOL-( ) These keys are for increasing or decreasing the volume. DESCRIPTION Use the key to switch between favorite lists. Electronic Program Guide button displays the TV/Radio Program guide.
  • Page 12: Basic Functions

    1. Display Screen Before you can view the television program, you must perform the installation. Therefore you will see only menu images at first. After the television channels have been programmed, you will see the following picture(banner) each time you switch channels: Left Audio Status Parental Lock Channel Number...
  • Page 13 3. Select Soundtrack Press YELLOW ( Press 4. Select Videotrack Press YELLOW ( Press 5. Service List Press key to while you are viewing a program. Select list by pressing TV/RADIO or FAV key. The icon behind the channel name symbolises scrambled channel, and the name shows parental lock channel.
  • Page 14 5.1 Service Favorites Press the GREEN ( ) key on the control unit to select the Favorites list. Press the GREEN ( ) key to switch between favorite list and channel list. Use the keys to select a favorite group that you want.
  • Page 15: Program Information

    6. Program Information EPG-Electronic Program Guide The electronic program guide gives you imformation for the channels. N N o o t t e e : 1. This service depends on service provider. 2. After receiver recognized the GMT-time from the signal which takes few seconds, it can display correct EPG information.
  • Page 16 8. Teletext OSD When the current broadcasting program provides Teletext OSD, press the GREEN ( ) key twice to see the current Teletext OSD list. To change the Teletext OSD: Use the keys to select a Teletext OSD you want. Press the key and then the Teletext OSD you want is displayed on the screen.
  • Page 17: Operating The Receiver

    Main Menu After installing your antenna system and STB with appropriate connectors. Plug in the AC main power and switch on the receiver. Press MENU key to bring up the main menu. The LED display will show "MENU". The following on screen display will appear: The sub menu topics will be displayed.
  • Page 18: Lnb Setting

    1.1 LNB Setting You can select the satellite and LNB setting conditions to execute channel search and you can alter the settings for 22KHz tone. The parameters set in this menu are needed for programming the channels for the "Auto scanning" and "Manual scanning". The necessary information can be found at your antenna and LNB brochures, or you can ask your dealer.
  • Page 19: User Mode

    1.2.1 User Mode Select Driving Mode: You have an option to choose the positioner’s movement type: Continuous, Step or Time. Position the antenna with north, south, east and west and use the west, key drives to east, key drives to south. If you finished driving of motor, select “Store current Position.”...
  • Page 20: Solarsat Setting

    1.3 Solarsat Setting This menu is only for the Solarsat antenna. When you press this menu, you will get this message, “This menu is only for the Solarsat antenna. If you have one-press OK, otherwise-press EXIT.” You can set the value according to your location. To set the Value of Date and Time, use the change the value.
  • Page 21: Manual Scanning

    1.5 Manual Scanning To tune-in new channels and weak signals, the STB has been provided with the option "Manual Scanning" where the channel data can be entered by the user. After selecting the "5. Manual Scanning" from the Installation Menu, the following screen will be displayed: Select the target satellite for manual search.
  • Page 22: Smatv Scanning

    1.6 SMATV Scanning In case that several generations use Antenna and LNB in common, search the service the from 950 to 2150MHz. Select Searching Type “Automatic” or “Manual”. Select Scan Mode “All” or “Only Free”. You can input alternative symbol rate from 1 to 4 N N o o t t e e : 1.
  • Page 23: Channel Organising

    2. Channel Organising The "Channel Organising" menu has seven functions: This menu is for removing some channels from channel list which are related wth designated Satellite or Transponder. And it provides making favorite list and moving channel position as you want. Enter the PIN Code.
  • Page 24: Delete All Channel

    2.4 Delete All Channel At the request window, press press MENU / EXIT to exit. 2.5 Delete Scrambled Channels At the request window, press and press MENU / EXIT to exit. 2.6 Favorite Channel You can immediately register the present channel to the desired Favorite Group.
  • Page 25: Move & Edit Channel

    2.7 Move & Edit Channel Select the TV/RADIO list with Select the TV/RADIO list with Select channel by pressing the RED ( Press the or PG-/PG+ keys to change the position of the channel you want, and press the confirmation. If you want to return the channel to the initial position, do not press the key but press the BLUE (...
  • Page 26: Parental Lock

    3. Parental Lock This "Parental Lock" feature sets viewing restrictions and prevents unauthorized access to your STB through the PIN (Personal Identification Number), which is a 4 digit number. (The factory preset PIN Code : 0000) On selecting this menu, you will have two options: to set lock for any desired channel and to change your PIN value.
  • Page 27: Change Pin Code

    3.2. Change PIN Code To change the PIN Code, select the second option "Change PIN Code". This will take you to the following menu: In this option, you need to enter the current PIN Code at the first cursor, and at the second cursor enter the desired PIN Code.
  • Page 28: Osd Setting

    4.2 OSD Setting You can set the OSD transparency and the display time. Select OSD Transparency level. The OSD Transparency level from 0 to 100%. Setting is made with the numeric keys, or PG-/PG+ keys. keys : Setting in increment of 1%. PG-/PG+ keys : Setting in increment of 10%.
  • Page 29: Modem Setting

    4.4 Modem Setting N N o o t t e e : DSR 9510X, DSR 9510Y and DSR 9510Z are supported Internal modem & External modem at all. DSR 9500AX, DSR 9500AY and DSR 9500AZ are supported only External modem. Modem Type: If I internal Modem is installed in DSR 9510X, DSR 9510Y and DSR 9510Z, "Internal"...
  • Page 30: System Information

    4.5 System Information If you have to contact your service provider or a service center they might ask for information available from this menu. Place the cursor on this sub menu and press The following will be the on-screen display. 4.6 Software Upgrade You can download and upgrade the software of this STB through ASTRA and Hotbird satellite when the new software is released.
  • Page 31: Common Interface

    5. Common Interface This STB is equipped with two PCMCIA slots, which enable the use of two CI-CAMS. When a Common Interface CAM is inserted inside the PCMCIA slot, the system detects the type of the CAM automatically and display in the main menu. On choosing this menu, you will be able to access the different options available with the type of the CAM like authorizations, pre-booking, package details etc.,...
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Possible cause No display LED on Power cord the front panel; not plugged in correctly No power supply No pictures on the screen Receiver in Standby mode; Scart not connected tightly to video output of television; incorrect channel or video output selected on television No sound Audio cord connected...
  • Page 33: Technical Specifications

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1. User section 4000 programmable channels, software download via satellite & PC(Secured), advanced Electronic Program Guide, multi-language supported for OSD, DiSEqC 1.2 supported full function infrared remote 2. Tuner section 950 ~ 2150 MHz wide band tuner, IF output with DC pass loop for analog receiver, supporting DiSEqC 1.2 version, 3.
  • Page 34 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Video decoder System decoding: Profile and level: Data rate: Video formats: Picture resolution: Audio Decoder System decoding: Audio mode: Sampling frequency: A/V output TV SCART: VCR SCART: RCA JACK: SPDIF: S-VHS: RF modulator Modulator output: Video type: UHF output level: Output connector: Ant.
  • Page 35 Serial data interface Standard: Connector type: Internal modem (For models DSR 9510X, DSR 9510Y, DSR 9510Z) External Modem Port: Connector Type: Data Rate: This connector is for future purposes only. Embedded descrambler 2 slots, embedded CAS: DSR 9500AX, DSR 9500AY, DSR 9510Y and DSR 9510X models are valid for the Viaccess and CONAX smart card encryption at all.

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