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No sound/Noisy sound
Good picture, no sound
Audio noise
PC Input
No Picture / No Signal
Poor Picture
Wide Mode changes
Picture Mode setting turns
to Vivid automatically
"Store Display Mode :On"
Suddenly the picture gets
"Black box" on screen
Black bands appear at the
edges of the screen
Certain programs on DVD or
other digital sources display a
loss of detail, especially during
fast-motion or dark scenes
When playing a video game,
there is delay between the remote
control and the actual video
Remote control does not
• Check the volume control.
• Press MUTING or VOL + so that "Muting" disappears from the screen
(see page 21).
• Disconnect your headphones.
• Set Speakers to TV Speakers in the Audio Options settings (see page 39).
If it is set to Audio System, sound is not output from the TV's speakers
regardless of the TV's volume control.
• When using HDMI input with Super Audio CD or DVD-Audio, DIGITAL OUT
(Optical) may not provide an audio signal.
• Make sure that the antenna is connected using a 75-ohm coaxial cable.
• Keep the antenna cable away from other connecting cords.
• To avoid TV interference, make sure to use an undamaged antenna cable.
• Confirm the PC is correctly connected to the TV with either the PC IN (with an
HD15-HD15 cable with ferrite core) or with the HDMI IN.
• Ensure the output signal from the PC is one of the formats listed on page 15.
• Turn the PC off. Confirm the PC connection and restart the PC. Plug and play
will auto-detect the TV and correctly set up PC timing.
• Adjust the resolution (see page 15).
• Adjust Pitch and Phase.
• The current Wide Mode setting is automatically replaced with the 4:3
Default setting when you change the channel or video input, if 4:3 Default in
the Screen settings is set to other than Off. If you want to lock in Wide Mode
selected with the WIDE button on the remote control, set 4:3 Default to Off in
the Screen settings (see page 35).
• Check Auto Wide in the Screen settings (see page 35).
• The Store Display Mode might be set to On. This will be deactivated if you
run the Auto Program (see page 39).
• The Store Display Mode is set to On. This will be deactivated if you run the
Auto Program (see page 39).
• The picture gets smaller during the commercials, this is due to the method the
provider broadcasts their contents. When HD content channels switch to SD
definition content (commercials), the picture may be small with a black border.
• You have selected a text option and no text is available (see page 40). To turn off
this feature, set CC Display to Off. If you were trying to select closed
captioning, select CC1 instead of Text1-4.
• Some wide screen programs are filmed in aspect ratios that are greater than 16:9
(this is especially common with theatrical releases). Your TV will show these
programs with black bands at the top and bottom of the screen. For more
details, check the documentation that came with your DVD (or contact your
program provider).
• Programs in 4:3 aspect ratio will have bands on left and right sides of the screen.
• This is due to the digital compression of the source content used by certain
digital broadcasts and DVDs which may cause your TV's screen to display less
detail than usual, or cause artifacts (small blocks or dots, pixelations) to appear
on your screen. These signal compressions are more visible and are dependent
on the clarity and resolution of the television.
• Set the Game/Text Mode to On (see page 38).
• Check the polarity of the batteries or replace the batteries.
• Point the remote control at the remote control sensor located at the front of the TV.
• Fluorescent lamps can interfere with your remote control operation; try turning
off the fluorescent lamps.
• Keep the remote control sensor area clear from obstacles.


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