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Cannot change channels with
the remote control
Remote control does not
operate non-Sony video
Some digital cable channels
are not being displayed
Lost password
How to reset the TV to factory
LAMP LED blinks in red
"Lamp Replacement message"
The replacement lamp does
not light up
The cooling fan is loud
"High Temperature Warning!"
message appears/POWER
LED blinks seven times in red
Image left on the screen
(image retention)
Green tint or uneven color
uniformity appears on the
screen when the TV is
powered on
White spot on the screen
when powered off
• If you are using the TV to change channels, first press TV (FUNCTION) once,
and the TV indicator lights up.
• If you are using another device to change channels, be sure you have not
inadvertently switched your TV from the channel 3 or 4 setting.
• If you are using another device to change channels, be sure to press
FUNCTION for that device. For example, if you are using your cable box to
change channels, be sure to press STB (FUNCTION) once, and the STB
indicator lights up.
• If you replaced the batteries to the remote control recently, the code numbers
for the video equipment may need to be reset.
• There may be more than one code for the equipment that you are attempting to
• There is a possibility that some non-Sony equipment cannot be operated by
your Sony TV remote control. You may need to use the equipment's original
remote control.
• Certain cable companies have limitations on the broadcast of digital cable
channels. Check with your cable company for more information.
• The digital cable channel may be set to Hidden in the Show/Hide Channels
setting (see page 39).
• Select the Password settings on the Parental Lock settings, then enter the
following master password: 4357. The master password clears your previous
password and allows you to enter a new password (see page 40).
• Turn on the TV. While holding down V on the remote control, press POWER
on the TV. (The TV will turn itself off, then back on again.) Release V.
WARNING: The Reset will clear all of your customized settings including the
Parental Lock setting.
• Replace the lamp (see page 44).
• It is time for you to replace the projection lamp used in you TV.
• Turn to page 44 on "How to Replace the Lamp" and follow the directions on
replacing the lamp.
• Use only the lamp designated for your TV model.
• After the lamp is replaced, select the Lamp Replacement option in the
General settings.
• The lamp door or lamp might not be securely attached. Repeat the steps on page
44 to ensure that they are both installed securely.
• If the TV is used at high altitudes and the Cooling Mode is set to High, the
cooling fan runs faster and its sound becomes louder. If the TV is not used at
high altitudes, set Cooling Mode to Auto (see page 43).
• Make sure to remove dust from the ventilation slots on the rear and both sides of
the TV. In addition, make sure that there are no obstacles in front of the
ventilation slots. If the message still appears after the dust or obstacles are
removed, the TV may need servicing. Call your local Sony Service Center.
• Turn off the TV for a while or let the TV run on another channel. Unlike plasma
TV and CRT TV, image retention on this TV is not permanent. It is only a
temporary condition (see page 10).
• After turning on the TV, you may notice a green tint or slight variation in color
and brightness in certain areas of the picture. This will last only a few minutes
(possibly longer, in cooler rooms or conditions) while circuits within the TV
continually fine tune the color during the warm-up period. This is a normal
temperature characteristic of the components and not a malfunction.
• If screen is exposed to direct sunlight or strong ambient light, part of the screen
may appear white even when TV is power off. This is due to the strong light
reflecting off the TV screen and reflections coming from behind the screen.
This is a structural property of the projection TV and is not a defect.
• Position your TV away from such light sources.


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