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Pull the lamp out of the TV.
Hold the indented grooves as shown in the
illustration, and pull the lamp straight out. If
the lamp is hard to remove, pull the right side
of the lamp for additional traction.
• The lamp is very hot immediately after use. Do not
touch the inside of the lamp compartment, the glass
portion of the lamp, or the surrounding parts.
• After the used lamp has cooled, place it into the empty
box of the replacement lamp. Never put the used lamp
into a plastic bag.
Slide the new lamp into its place.
Insert the new lamp by pressing the two parts
firmly into place as shown in the illustration.
Make sure the lamp is securely mounted into
the compartment. Failure to do so may cause a
fire or the screen to go dark.
Hold this part of the lamp
Reattach the lamp door.
Replace the door by inserting the two tabs in
the slot from the left side. Slide the lever to
the right and then turn the screw clockwise to
secure the door.
• If the lamp is not securely reattached, the self-
diagnostic function may be triggered and the POWER
LED blinks six times (see page 24).
Put the outside lamp cover back in its place.
Replace the cover, inserting it from the right
side. Press the clamp on the left side to secure
the cover.
Plug in the power cord. Turn on the TV and
set the
Lamp Replacement
settings (see page 43). This setting is
necessary to inform you when the next lamp
replacement is needed.
• Until you set the Lamp Replacement option, a
message announcing that the lamp is at the end of its
life will appear every time you turn on the TV.
• Consult your Sony dealer for a Sony XL-5200
replacement lamp.
• Take great care when replacing the lamp or plugging
in/unplugging the connecting cords. Rough handling
may cause the TV to fall, damaging the TV, the TV
stand and the floor.
option in the


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