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Bissell PROheat 25A3 Series User Manual

Bissell deep cleaner user's guide
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  • Page 1 USER'S GUIDE 25A3/64D9SERIES Assembly _MaintenanceandCare AdditionalAccessories ug120-4078 25A3 908Jndd 10/14/08 1:20:49...
  • Page 2 My great-grandfather global leader in the design, manufacture, and service of high quality homecare products like your deep cleaner. Thanks again, from all of us at BISSELL. Mark J. Bissell President and Chief Executive Officer www.bissell.c0m ug120-4078 25A3 908.indd...
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    • Do not unplug by pulling on the cord. • Useonlymanufacturer's recommended attachments. • Useonlycleaningproducts formulatedby BISSELL f or use inthis appliance to prevent i nternal c omponent damage.Seethe cleaningfluidsectionof this guide. • Keepopenings free of dust, lint, hair,etc.
  • Page 4: Optional Accessories

    These items areavailable forpurchase Toorder r eplace/nent 3"Tough Stain Brush 4" Upholstery T ool Spraying Orevice Tool 2 in 1 Orevice Tool www,bissell,com ug120-4078 25A3 908.indd Ergonomlcany Designea m anale Tough Stain Too(_ Made f_om 100°/_ Post C onsumer Recyc e d...
  • Page 5 Cleaningfluid: Keepplentyof genuineBISSELL FiberCleansingFormula wheneverit fits yourschedule. A lwaysuse genuineBISSELL deepcleaningformulas. Non-BISSELL cleaningsolutionsmay harmthe machineandwill voidthe warranty. 48 oz,BISSELL 48 oz, BISSELL 48 oz.BISSELL FiberCleansing Multi Allergen Formula with Removal Scotchgard...
  • Page 6 Thisuser'sguide has beendesignedto help youget the maximumsatisfactionfrom your BISSELL deepcleaner.You'llfind assembly andoperatinginstructions,safety precautions, as well as maintenanceand troubleshooting instructions.Please read this user'sguide thoroughlybeforeassemblingyour deep cleaner. Yourdeepcleanercomesin four easyto assemblecomponents: • Handleassembly • Upperhoserack • Lower bodyassembly • Lower hoserack FourPhillips @ headscrewsare included, 2 long and2 short.Theycan befound tapedto the...
  • Page 7 YourBISSELL deepcleaneris a homecleaning systemthatusesa combination of heat,BISSELL advanced cleaningformula, brushagitationand suctionto safelycleancarpets. Built-In-Heater BISSELL ProHeatmodels all featurea patented built-inheaterwhichwill heatthe hottap water youputin upto25 degrees hotter to safely optimizecleaning effectiveness. Theheater will neverallowthe temperature to exceed180 degrees. T heheaterswitch,whichis located on...
  • Page 8 Carpetprotection applied at the milltypically wearsdownovertimefromheavy foottraffic andeveryday c leaning, i ncluding d eepcleaning, Tohelprestore thisimportant p rotection, only BISSELL o ffersdeepcleaning formulas with Scotchgard protector, Thisoffersextraprotection against d irt andtoughstains to keepyourcarpets looking goodlonger, Tomaintain yourScotchgard 5 -yearlimited stain...
  • Page 9: Operation

    Pretreating (optional) Pretreating isrecommended effectiveness forheavily s oiled c arpet inhigh traffic areas such asentry ways andhallway& Topreheat: A. Using the BISSELL Tough Stain Pre-cleaner, g enerouslyspray evenly oversoiled area,do not overwet. B. Wait3-5 minutesbeforedeepcleaning. C. CleanasnormalusingyourBISSELL d eep cleaner.
  • Page 10 Rotatethe handleto the carrying positionto latch the lid. Note: Remember t osecurethe lid andtest to makesureit is securebeforepickingup the tank. Placetank into machinebase, s eatingfirmly in place.Rotatetank handlebackinto latched position, 10 ug120-4078 25A3 908indd 800.237.7691 10/14/08 1:21:04...
  • Page 11 While pressingthe spray trigger,make one slow forward wet pass and anotherback. Let the built-in heater,BISSELL advanced deep cleaningformula, and DirtLifter PowerBrushdo the work for you. Caution:Do notoverwet. Releasethe spraytrigger and make one...
  • Page 12 Clean Only,"do not proceed. D onot useonvel- vetor silk.If manufacturer's t ag is missing or not coded, c heckwithyourfurnituredealer. Check forcoloffaslness inaninconspicuous place. If possible,check upholsterystuffing.Colored stuffingmay bleedthrough fabricwhen wet. Planactivities to give upholsterytime to dry. www,bissell,com ug120-4078 25A3 908indd LintScreen Manufacturer's tag 800,237.7691 10/14/08 1:21:06...
  • Page 13 10 times clockwiseand 10 moretimes counter clockwise. T his shouldfreeup any debris. Wipediverterassemblywith a soft cloth and replaceback on machine.Replacenozzle. ReturnReadyTools dial to FLOOR CLEANING setting. www.bissell,com ug120-4078 25A3 908.indd (continued) Runwaterthrough here Screw 800,237.7691 10/14/08 1:21:08...
  • Page 14: Hard Floorcleaning

    Repeatthe motion without pressingthe trigger using the hard floor tool to squeegee andsuction up the dirty water. Whenfinished, removehard floor tool, rinse andlet dry beforestoring. Referto the Maintenancesectionon page 15 for machineclean up and storageinstructions. ug120-4078 25A3 908.indd 800,237.7691 10/14/08 1:21:08...
  • Page 15: Machine Storage

    Machinestorage Put the unitaway in a closetor basementfor the nextuse.Store cleanerin a protected, d ry area.Sincethisproductuseswater, it must not be storedwhere thereis a dangerof freezing. Freezing will damageinternalcomponents and voidthe warranty. www.bissell,com ug120-4078 25A3 908indd 800,237.7691 10/14/08 1:21:08...
  • Page 16 If it is brokenor missing,pleaserefer to Replacement Partson page18. A replacement belt maybeorderedat or bycallingBISSELL Consumer S ervices at 800-237-7691. Complete i nstallation instructions will accompany the replacement b elt. B. Whenreplacing belt access doorbesureto...
  • Page 17 ] Pleasedonotreturnthis product to the store] www.bissell,com ug120-4078 25A3 908.indd authorized service representative. For anyqueslions orconcerns, BISSELL ishappy t obeofservice. Conlact usdirectly at 1-800-237-7691. Remedies 1. Referto Remedy4 on page16 to check if brushbelt or pump belt is broken. Remedies 1.
  • Page 18: Consumer Services

    Consumer S ervices For information about repairs or replacement parts, or questions about your warramy, call: Or visitthe BISSELL website- www,bissell,com WhencontactingBISSELL, havemodelnumberof unit available. Pleaserecordyour ModelNumber: Pleaserecordyour Purchase Date: NOTE: Please k eep youroriginal sales receipt. It provides proof o fdateofpurchase intheevent ofa warranty c laim.
  • Page 19 210-3040 Cleaning Formula: of cleaning formula available for purchase. Fora complete listof replacement parts,cleaning formulas, andaccessories a vailable for yourBISSELL d eepcleaner please orcontactBISSELL C onsumer Servicesat 800.237.7691. To qualify youfor discounts, rebates, and other BlSSELL perks. ug120-4078 25A3 908.indd...
  • Page 20: Limited One-Year Warranty

    Subjectto the *EXCEPTIONSAND EXCLUSIONS identified below, upon receipt of the product BISSELL Homecare, Inc. will repair or replace (with new or remanufactured components or products), at BISSELL's option, free of chargefrom the date of purchase by the original purchaser,for one year any defective or malfunctioning part.

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