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Off-Season Storage; Battery Storage - Craftsman CMXGRAM1130049 Instruction Manual

Battery powered lithium-ion tractor
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Clean the top of the tractor deck. See Figure 13.
Clean around and near the transmission, axle and the fan area. See Figure 14.
Rear Wheel Not
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Debris can accumulate anywhere on the tractor, especially on horizontal
surfaces. Additional cleaning may be necessary when mowing in dry
conditions or when mulching.
Excess lubrication can become collection sites for debris. Immediate repair
and cleaning up excess lubrication can help reduce fire hazards.
In addition to cleaning the tractor before operating and storing, do not
attempt to mow unusually tall grass (10" or higher), dry grass (e.g., pasture)
or piles of dry leaves. Dry grass or leaves may build up on the tractor deck
presenting a potential fire hazard.
Storing the Tractor
Allow the machine to cool in an open area before storing.
Do not park the tractor near any flammable materials (wood, cloth or
chemicals) or any open flames or other potential source of ignition (furnace,
water heater or any other type of heater).
Remove all combustible materials from the tractor before storing. Empty
cargo boxes, grass catchers or containers.
Fully charge the batteries and recharge the batteries every 30 days when in
Removing The Tractor From Storage
Fully charge the batteries and inflate the tires to the recommended
Figure 13
Figure 14
Drive the tractor without a load to make certain all the tractor systems are
functioning properly.
Before performing any maintenance or repairs,disengage blade(s) PTO, set
parking brake, turn key switch to OFF position and remove power key to
prevent unintended starting.
Pivot Points & Linkage:
Lubricate all the pivot points on the drive system, parking brake and lift linkage at
least once a season with light oil.
Rear Wheels:
The rear wheels should be removed from the axles once a season. Lubricate the
axles and the rims well with an all-purpose grease before re-installing them.
Front Axles:
Each end of the tractor's front pivot bar may be equipped with a grease fitting.
Lubricate with a grease gun after every 25 hours of tractor operation.
Lubricate Rack & Pinion:
Once per season, or every 25 hours of operation, it will be necessary to lubricate the
steering rack teeth and pinion gear (a) located under the front of the tractor. Using
standard automotive grease, apply grease to the front side of the steering rack teeth
and pinion gear (a), as indicated in Figure 15.

Battery Storage

The batteries should be stored with a full charge. Discharged batteries can
freeze faster than charged batteries in cold temperatures.
The batteries should be fully charged once every month.
Note: It will take approximately 4 hours to fully charge the batteries.
Leaving the batteries connected to the charger for more than 4 hours will
not damage the batteries, but when the charging is complete the charger
should be disconnected.
Batteries should not be kept in a discharged state. Permanent damage to the
batteries can occur.
Fully recharge the batteries before returning to service.
Figure 15

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Table of Contents

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