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Epson Moverio BT-30C User Manual

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User's Guide
This product is only for USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode.
Use of a USB distributor or a conversion cable cannot be guaranteed.
Make sure you read the "Safety Instructions" sheet before use.
© Seiko Epson Corporation 2019. All rights reserved.
Printed in the Philippines XX.XX.-XX(XXX) 2019.03
Included Items
Nose pads
Nose pads
USB Type-C connector
Lens holder
Temple adjustment pads (×2)
Nose pads for glasses
User's Guide (this document)
Carrying case
Safety Instructions
Document CD-ROM
(for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
Information on the Moverio Website
Provides technical information.
• This product is powered using the battery in your
smart device. Make sure that the smart device is
sufficiently charged before use.
• You need to provide your own smart device.
Storing in the carrying case
• Store the headset in the position shown in the
• Store the shade and the lens holder while they are
attached to the headset.
Watching Movies
While the movie is playing on your smart device, connect the headset cable to
the smart device.
Connect commercially available earphones to the earphone jack on the
• Connect a smart device that supports USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode.
• We recommend using earphones that comply with CTIA standards. Also, when
using 3-pin earphones, the microphone function does not work. You may hear
some noise when connecting or disconnecting the earphones or USB Type-C
connector during content playback, so be sure to take off your earphones first.
• Depending on the smart device and the app being used, phone calls may
be audible from the smart device even if earphones are connected. We
recommend checking in advance what happens when you receive a phone
call while watching a video.
Put on the headset and earphones, and then adjust the position of
the headset so that you can see the image.
Do not apply excessive force when opening the temples.
• Turn the screen of your smart device sideways to display the
image at full screen size.
• How an image is perceived varies depending on the individual.
• Check the following points if you cannot see the image.
- Cables are connected correctly.
- Your smart device supports video output in USB Type-C
DisplayPort Alternate Mode.
- The smart device is on, not in sleep mode.
- The case of the smart device is not obstructing the USB Type-C
Adjust the brightness of the screen and the volume.
You can clip the controller to your clothes using the
clip on the back. Note that some clothes may be
damaged by the clip.
• Even if you adjust the brightness on your smart
device, this will not be applied to the image. Use
the controller to make adjustments.
• If you cannot hear the audio, check the volume of
the smart device.
USB Type-C
Brightness adjustment button
Volume button
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