Safety Information - GE TONOPORT V Service Manual

Ambulatory blood pressure system
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Safety Information

1.2.1 Responsibility
1.2.2 General
Introduction: Safety Information
GE Healthcare is responsible for the effects of safety, reliability, and performance
only if:
Assembly operations, extensions, readjustments, modifications, or repairs are
carried out by persons authorized by GE Healthcare.
The electrical installation of the relevant room complies with the requirements
of the appropriate regulations.
The equipment is used in accordance with the instructions for use.
The country of manufacture appears on the device label.
This device is not intended for home use.
Contact GE Healthcare for information before connecting any devices to the equip-
ment that are not recommended in this manual.
Parts and accessories used must meet the requirements of the applicable IEC 60601
series safety standards, and/or the system configuration must meet the requirements
of the IEC 60601-1-1 medical electrical systems standard.
Periodically, and whenever the integrity of the device is in doubt, test all functions.
The use of ACCESSORY equipment not complying with the equivalent safety
requirements of this equipment may lead to a reduced level of safety of the resulting
system. Consideration relating to the choice shall include:
use of the accessory in the PATIENT VICINITY; and
evidence that the safety certification of the ACCESSORY has been performed
in accordance to the appropriate IEC 60601-1 and/or IEC 60601-1-1
harmonized national standard.
If the installation of the equipment, in the USA, will use 240V rather than 120V, the
source must be a center-tapped, 240V, single-phase circuit.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents